I’m in! But I’m doing things differently…

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April 10th, 2017 4:35 am

So, Ludum dare 38 is arriving! This will be my 8th Ludum Dare, and for the first time, I will be doing things differently than to how I would usually do it.


Firstly, I’m working in a team for the first time! One of my friends from school will be doing art (because I’m awful at it lol), and this will be his first ludum dare. Finally my game might actually look decent (if you look through my past ludum dare games, they all look horrible). XD

Secondly, I’m setting a bit of a challenge for myself. I’m going to program my game in LWJGL 3 (along with Java which I already have good experience in of course), although I had little to no experience in it prior to today. Given that, I will probably be using a basic/very quickly made engine for things such as shaders, matrix maths and maybe a window, because after following some tutorials on LWJGL 3, I realised will never memorize everything needed for the engine from now until the start of ludum dare. Given that, I will still definitely be using LWJGL 3 and GLSL (for the shaders) outside of my engine and I think this will be a good challenge and learning experience for me! 😀

As for what programs I will be using:

IDE: Eclipse

Language: Java + LWJGL 3

Audio: Musescore (for soundtrack) + Audacity (for recording) + possibly either sfxr or my boss rc-505 loopstation (for sound effects).


Good luck everyone! 😀

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  1. Crafting4U says:

    nvm im too inexperienced to program anything good lol

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