Real World Gatherings for Ludum Dare 38 (Placeholder)

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April 4th, 2017 7:53 am

Hey folks! If you’re the organizer of a gathering, please leave a comment below. Please include:

  • What Country?
  • What City/State/Province
  • Name of where it is (i.e. an office, coffee shop, etc)
  • Any relevant details (i.e. capacity)
  • A link to more information

This post is a placeholder until we launch the gatherings feature on the new website. I would highly recommend you also create an account on for when this feature goes live.

37 Responses to “Real World Gatherings for Ludum Dare 38 (Placeholder)”

  1. Prospero says:

    Country: Sweden
    City: Östersund
    Location: Workplays (Hamngatan 19, 831 34 Östersund)
    Capacity: 10
    More info and to book your seat:

  2. Jungle says:

    Country: Brazil
    City: Brasília
    Location: Jungle Coworking
    Capacity: 12
    More Info:

  3. savethejets1 says:

    Country : Canada
    City : Calgary
    Location : the Inc.
    Capacity : 12
    Info :

  4. nooblad says:

    Country: France
    City: Tours (37000)
    Location: M.A.M.E. (49 Boulevard Preuilly, 37000 Tours)
    Capacity: 40
    Over here for organisation informations and booking :

  5. alyphen says:

    Country: England
    City: London
    Location: Newspeak House
    Capacity: 30
    Information and booking:

  6. Gustavo Christino says:

    Country: Brasil
    State: Goiás
    City: Goiânia
    Event: Gamejam Goiana – Fourth Edition

    Event’s Place: ITEGO Sebastião de Siqueira


  7. jee7 says:

    Organized by: APT GameGenerator
    Country: Estonia
    City: Tartu
    Location: 3D Kasvuhoone, Aparaaditehas (Kastani 42)
    Capacity: 45
    More info:

    We offer programming and art instructors, humorous team formation with an impro comedy group, different presentations and our own local competition with prizes. :)

  8. Omiya Games says:

    Country: USA
    State: New York
    City: Troy
    Location: Tech Valley Game Space
    Capacity: 20

    That’s right, Tech Valley Game Space is back for our 8th real-world meeting! Not only that, but we’re planning on some new things this time around, so stay tuned to our website!

  9. OddballDave says:

    Country: United Kingdom
    City: Manchester
    Location: MadLab (Northern Quarter)

    More info:

  10. sergeeo says:

    Country: Spain
    City: Sevilla
    Location: La Gallina Coworking
    Capacity: 22

    Some hardcore jammers united! It will be a very special jam because it will be the first time that we have a Ludum Dare on-site event in the city. It will be just a bunch of friends making games and having fun. Great game jams are not about great ambience!

  11. jcsirron says:

    Country: USA
    City: Longmont
    Location: TinkerMill MakerSpace
    Capacity: 20+

    We will be hosting a local meetup for this Ludum Dare again! Join us for the fun of creating!

  12. Dyn says:

    Country: Russia
    City: Saint-Petersburg
    Where: IT bar D3C0D3
    Capacity: 20+

    More info:

  13. LudumDareGC says:

    What Country? Spain
    What City/State/Province: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Canary Islands)
    Name of where it is (i.e. an office, coffee shop, etc) Espacio Coworking B
    Any relevant details (i.e. capacity) 100 people, speeches on Friday, unity and 3D modeling workshops on Ludum Dare weeks. Free pizza on Friday and Sunday, free lunch Saturday and Sunday. Anniversary edition 2 years hosting Ludum Dare.
    A link to more information: Facebook page:
    Twitter account @LudumDareGC

  14. Ristoretto says:

    Country: Sweden
    City: Luleå
    Location: Creative Park (Rådstugatan 7, 972 38 Luleå)
    Capacity: 30
    More info:

  15. jdoughty says:

    What Country? United States
    What City/State/Province: Cedar Falls, Iowa
    Name of where it is (i.e. an office, coffee shop, etc) Mills Rice Center
    Any relevant details (i.e. capacity) 50 people, speeches on Friday, Breakfast and Dinner provided. Registration at

    A link to more information: Facebook page:
    Twitter account @johndoughty6

  16. invi says:

    Country: Malaysia
    City: Cyberjaya
    Location: Multimedia University Jalan Multimedia, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia
    More info:

  17. m.v. says:

    Country: Austria
    City: Linz
    Location: JKU, Bankengebäude Keller
    Capacity: 30+
    Benefits: Free drinks, snacks, unity/blender advice, noob-friendly
    More Info:

  18. Gipzo says:

    Country: Belarus
    City: Minsk
    Where: Libava-Romenskaya, 23 (Wargaming Office)
    Facebook event:
    Local gamedev community:

    Register Here ->

  19. jakub.gemrot says:

    Country: Czech Republic
    City: Prague
    Location: Malostranské náměstí 2/25 Prague
    Rooms: S8-S11
    On site: FREE ENTRANCE, 24h building access, Microwave, Kettle, Toaster, HTC Vive
    Capacity: 30+

    Sign up at Facebook:

    More info at:

    Spread the word through Twitter:

  20. Country: Denmark
    City: Copenhagen
    Location: Docken (Færgehavnsvej 35 2150 Nordhavn)
    Facebook page:
    Number of people: more than 600.

    Okay, yeah, it’s really Nordic Game Jam. But nothing is stopping you from submitting both places! Except for two different themes, but you can beat that challenge 😉

  21. Veo says:

    Country: US

    City: Dallas

    Location: Plano Makerspace
    1915 N Central Expy, # 370, Plano, Texas 75075

    Facebook page:

    Number of people: We have room for about 20, would love to see you there!

  22. supergeeks-sjc says:

    Country: Brazil
    City: São José dos Campos
    Location: SuperGeeks São José dos Campos
    Capacity: 20
    More Info: The event will be held in the SuperGeeks School and the participants will be kids in between 10 and 16 years old. Event closed for SuperGeeks students.

  23. Any gatherings near the Bay Area (San Francsico)?

  24. fanna says:

    Country: Serbia
    City: Novi Sad
    Location: Startit Centar Novi Sad (Miroslava Antića 2, Novi Sad, Serbia)
    Capacity: 20
    More info and to book your seat:

  25. moreelen says:

    Country: UK
    City: London
    Location: Newspeak House
    Capacity: 30
    More info and to book your seat:

  26. nedjd says:

    Country: Portugal
    City: Mirandela
    Location: EsACT – IPB
    Capacity: 50
    More Info:

  27. doctorargus says:

    Country: US
    City: Medford, OR
    Location: Zeal HQ
    Capacity: 30

    More info and signup:

  28. backinside says:

    Country: Hungary
    City: Budapest
    Location: Nemesys Games
    Capacity: 30
    More Info:

  29. Toonshiniwami says:

    Country: South Africa
    City: Cape Town
    Location: Vega School, De Waterkant, Strand Street
    Capacity: 60
    More Info:

  30. TheClintHennesy says:

    Country: Philippines
    City: Cebu City
    Location: M.C Briones St. Cor Jaime St., Mandaue City, 6014 Cebu
    Capacity: 40
    More Info:

  31. Lord Daniev says:

    Country: Brazil
    City: Brasilia
    Location: Universidade do Distrito Federal – UDF
    Capacity: 35
    More Info: We will hold this event in the labs of the Game Design course in the campus. This event is closed for students and alumni.

  32. tonygod says:

    Country: USA
    City: Irvine, CA
    Location: PeopleSpace
    Capacity: 15
    More info:

  33. anayan says:

    Country: Brazil
    City: São Carlos
    Location: Universidade de São Paulo – USP
    More Info:

  34. invader says:

    Country: Ukraine
    City: Kiev
    Location: ArtHitector
    Capacity: 12
    Gathering on Facebook:
    More info: late coding after @11pm in Utopia Lounge Bar and for all-nighter we are moving to Gameplay Cyber Club

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