Ludum Dare 38 on the alpha website:

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April 4th, 2017 8:06 am

Sorry for the late post!

Some of you have been following my low-key announcements, but it’s time to go public.

We’ll be using for Ludum Dare 38 (i.e. the new website).

I’m on the cusp of pushing out many key features to the new website (posts and comments). That and a slew of other key features (signing up for events, creating teams, editing your teams game, editing user pages, adding gatherings). These features are all directly related, so when the first one finally drops, the rest should become available soon after.

What you can (and should) do right now:

  • Register an account (If you haven’t registered on the new site yet, you need to do this)
  • Login and Suggest Themes

NOTE: We will be migrating the data from this website later. Assuming everything goes according to plan (hehe), that should be around our August event.

What you will be able to do soon:

  • Slaughter Themes (starts Friday)
  • Following users. When you mutually follow each other, you are considered “Friends”
  • Sign up for the event (each team member should make an account)
  • Make teams (you need to be “Friends” to make a team)
  • Edit your Game Submission (Publishing is disabled until the event starts)
  • Edit your User page
  • Make blog posts
  • Make comments! OMG!
  • View the Rules

What is running late, but is still coming:

  • Adding Meetups and Gatherings
  • Uploading images
  • Changing your avatar
  • Improved support for strict office Firewalls
  • Improved security via a standalone login page
  • A logout button 😉
  • Notifications

I do regret I really dropped the ball on Real World Gatherings this time. Gatherings are a native feature of the new site, but until that feature is finished, add the details of your event as a comment here:


I will temporarily link to this page from the new site, at least until the feature is up and running. If you are an organizer of a gathering, I would recommend that you create an account on the new website.

30 Responses to “Ludum Dare 38 on the alpha website:”

  1. Eldy says:

    Please, please, please remove the sticky navbar.
    This is so annoying, especially on a small screen.

  2. Endurion says:

    Just registered on I hope you’ll enable commenting before the compo starts :)

    Also, the number of comments always shows 0, even if there are some.

  3. Teekeks says:

    Time to get my engine ready before LD starts 😀 Cant wait to once again participate!

  4. eric777 says:


    I missed the last 2 events – so much for my commitment to do every single one. But, I can’t wait for this one, and I’m really looking forward to the new site – bumps and all. The ‘friends’ feature sounds truly awesome!

  5. Teekeks says:

    Shouldnt we have the Theme Selection now for a day already?

  6. q00u says:

    My brother tried to register on the new site with his same username as here, but it won’t let him, even though it doesn’t appear that an account with that name exists. Neither does @help, and the contact page there 404s.

  7. Avant-Marde says:

    Didn’t it use to be possible to go back and change one’s yes/no for a theme? I keep accidentally clicking no on the few things I want as I rapidly go through a majority of nopes. :(

    • sorceress says:

      I believe it did, and I had a similar “accident”. The buttons were unresponsive for a few seconds, then suddenly 40+ themes sailed by with the backlog of clicks I’d just made. No way to revise those votes!

  8. JohnnySix says:

    I missed the last, but have signed up again for this! Can’t wait, great job so far with the new site!

  9. Stuntddude says:

    Fun theme slaughter game: take a drink every time you see a terrible “you are the ________” theme suggestion and die instantly.

  10. Srekel says:

    Will our accounts from this site be merged over to the new site? Should we create a new account on the new site first? Would be nice to keep the record of my previous game/comments.

  11. Archimagus says:

    During the theme suggestion phase, there was a counter for how many themes have been submitted. Could we get that counter back. It would be nice to see how many have been submitted compared to how many I’ve voted on.

  12. coasterspaul says:

    Nice work on theme voting, I’m pretty happy with mpst of the themes in the final round and I hope everyone else is too – hopefully we can get a theme with a positive score this time!

  13. Ryusui says:

    Who else is hoping the alpha site turns out to still have catastrophic bugs and we end up using the regular site again?

    • egordorichev says:

      I love this site. The new one looks ugly and unfinished. They sad: “We will finish it till LD 37”. Now they say: “We will finish it till LD 39”. Sorry, Mike.

  14. binasa says:

    Too many developers get sloppy and just don’t write clean code, but not TSI. After waking up in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, you must piece together your memories and figure out why you ended up in Maple Creek.

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