Somehow I accidentally ended up on – where, right at the top, to my complete surprise, it says that theme suggestions are open.

I had been patiently waiting for some piece of news to show up about theme suggestions on this website – why hasn’t there been anything? I never would have expected news to show up exclusively on the new website given that it is still in many ways non-functional – and given that there are zero links to it on the front page of this website. I never really visited the new website for those same two reasons – it was still in development, right? Why would I really need to visit the site unless I wanted to see how the newer prototypes looked?

Maybe I just didn’t get the memo – but I would imagine that there are other people like me that simply were not aware that the new website would become the sole provider of incredibly important news regarding themes. If I hadn’t magically ended up there then five days later I would not be able to suggest themes at all!

Can somebody put a notice at the top of this page that theme suggestions are open? I think that would be a good idea.

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  1. Bobsleigh says:

    I agree. It’s important that news be posted on the two websites, or that the old website contain a notice that it won’t be updated anymore and refers to the new site.

  2. HolyBlackCat says:

    Also there should be a proper countdown, like the one on

  3. Cerno_b says:

    Same here. I was just recommending LD to a colleague from work who was slightly interested in dabbling in game design. I totally forgot there was another page. This is very confusing for first timers.

    +1 for the idea of putting a sticky up and deciding which page to use for the main info stream.

  4. Persimmon Pomelo says:

    Time seems to be running out for the idea of this LD being fully run on the new site. If we are theme voting and counting down, surely we should also be able to start posting our ‘I’m in’ and what-nots at the other site as well. I’ve been trying to hold it in good faith that ‘this time for sure’ everything will be fine but the signs are worrying given this very conversation is happening on the ‘old site’ 19 days out. I will live in hope but I think people need some certainty if LD’s reputation is not to suffer. I know personally I’ve started to think more on focusing my energies on other jams. Documentaries are all fine and well, but we need the basics sorted out and the uncertainty to end. I hope my doubts are proven wrong and everything comes online and is running smoothly soon.

  5. ajayajayaj says:

    PoV said on his twitter that it was a silent launch and that the official launch will be later.

  6. qminder says:

    +1 sounds interesting!

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