Give me some tips to improve my modelling, rigging, and animation time. It took me 3-4 hours to make this character and only with walk animation. The hardest part is the rigging and animation it took me about an hour or two. Would you give me tips or hints on how to make 3d models faster and better.


Also, in the future I would like to make 3d models like in Street fighter or tekken in which they have animations for grabbing or attacking the other 3d models. Any beginner or intermediate tutorials you can give me?

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  1. In my opinion (as a highschool Blender animation student) the model itself does not look bad at all – I can’t say for sure as I’ve never done that style of character, but the model looks well-built – it has the proper topology for animation. However, I would probably say that you put the leg bones in way too high, because the walk cycle looks really awkward – the character’s face is contorting as part of the walk, which doesn’t seem quite right.

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