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March 20th, 2017 3:17 am

Anybody have any Java Game Engines, I want to try out different ones. 3D OR 2D doesn’t matter.

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  1. DatCodingGuy says:

    I don’t think there’s a Java ‘engine’ of sorts, or at least I haven’t heard of one, but I’m very sure there’s frameworks you can use that help with stuff like physics, collisions, animations, ect. I don’t know of any because I’m not a Java programmer but I think in terms of Java most people use frameworks or do it entirely themselves

  2. Stuntddude says:

    It’s not exactly an “engine” in the same way as Unity or Unreal – it doesn’t have a dedicated level editor or code editor, but does have specific tools for some things like creating particle systems and generating bitmap fonts – but libGDX is a good and fairly popular framework. It’s mainly geared at 2D games, but has support for 3D as well. I’ve been using it recently and I quite like it.

  3. harusame says:

    Yes libgdx is a good framework, it’s easy to create a simple game for a ludum dare with it.

    I did my last ludum game with libgdx, you can have an access to the sourcecode here :

    It’s also possible to use tiled map editor with libgdx.
    Doc here :

  4. berkano says:

    I’m a big fan and user of LibGDX myself too. I have used it for most of my compo entries and have my own helper library / framework built on top of it (which I don’t recommend you to use :-) but if you’re interested it’s at

    In terms of 3D I have heard good things about jMonkeyEngine but not used it personally. libGDX has some 3D support but again, not used it!

    Good luck!

  5. vfabien21 says:

    I use wich is rather simple to use, and quick to prototype things.

  6. ZpeedTube says:

    Only Java Game engine that I know is jMonkeyEngine.
    So you should probably look into that engine if you want to use Java! :)

  7. Stuntddude says:

    I can also vouch for Processing (it’s what I’ve made all my LD entries with up until now). It’s not specifically aimed at making games, but it’s faster for prototyping 2D games than libGDX in my experience, especially if you’re relying on drawing a lot of geometric graphics rather than just sprites.

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