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March 17th, 2017 6:34 am

I’m from Melbourne, Australia, and was wondering if there’s others down here that are going to compete in Ludum Dare. I’m not specifically asking to join a team because I want to take a crack at it by myself, I struggle with graphics and music so those are a couple things I wish to improve this Ludum Dare, but I’d find it more fun if I was hanging out with someone else who was working on their own project so that we could discuss ideas a bit and help playtest each other’s games. Otherwise I’d be sitting in my room alone which I’d still enjoy but I think it would be cooler to have others around.

I’m not attempting to organise some massive meetup and hire out an entire venue, I’d be happy just to get a few people together and hang out at maccas working on our Ludum Dare games. If you live in Melbourne and are up for this put a comment down in the description and we’ll start working it out :)

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  1. Jezzamon says:

    Often when it comes up to the main LD event there’s a list of venues that get posted, so hopefully there will be something like that for Melbourne.

    BUT if there doesn’t end up being anything near you, you can still hear what other ideas people have and playtest their games by hanging out on the IRC channel. I always have fun doing that!

  2. Mixer says:

    Hey dude. I’m a 16 year old in Melbourne and I think that sounds pretty awesome. My friend does LD too. We’re probably just going to hang out in my basement lol, but nice to here of fellow Melbourne devs here. Have fun :)

    • DatCodingGuy says:

      It’s cool that you have someone to do the game dev with, I have a couple friends who have some experience with game development but I can’t get them to do LD :( hopefully the theme for this LD will be awesome :)

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