MiniLD 73: MUSIC!

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March 15th, 2017 4:22 pm

MiniLD 73: Music!

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20 April update: Thanks everyone for your amazing entries! It’s really cool to see (and hear!) what you all came up with.

This miniLD will be closing soon, as LD 38 is just around the corner.

I hope you had a good time!



Welcome to miniLD 73. This is the final miniLD before Ludum Dare 38 starts on 21 April, which is LD’s 15th anniversary. So this miniLD is a great opportunity to get all your gamedev stuff in order for the big event next month.

Now, as you’ve guessed from the image above, the theme for this miniLD is: MUSIC!

Music is an important aspect of any game. It plays a big role in setting the tone of your game and it has a major influence on the emotions the player is feeling. However, during the short, hectic and rushed dev time of a game jam, it’s sadly often an overlooked aspect. Many LD entries don’t have any music at all and I feel that’s a real shame.

So, this miniLD is a chance for you to focus on music specifically, do experiments and learn how it influences your game. If you’ve never made music before, this is a great way to get started. I’ll put a list of (free) tools at the bottom of this post, in case you’re looking for things you can use to start composing. If you know of other useful things not listed, please share them in the comments below!

You may interpret the theme in any way you want, for example:

– make a game with an awesome soundtrack!
– create music for a game you had already started!
– make a music game!
– whatever you can think of!

MiniLD 73 starts right now and will run until LD38 starts. Don’t wait too long though, because all sorts of LD38 stuff will happen as the event comes closer (theme voting, the slaughter, the warm-up weekend).

So don’t hesitate, and get rocking!

List of music tools:

* Bosca Ceoil:
* Bfxr:
* Drumbot:
* Sonant Live:
* Audiotool:
* BeepBox:
* Audacity:
* Ardour:
* DarkWave Studio:
* orDrumbox:
* Temper:
* Mixxx:
* Hydrogen:
* Rosegarden:
* Qtractor:
* MusE:
* Open ModPlug:
* MilkyTracker:
* SunVox:
* FamiTracker:
* MadTracker:
* Many more trackers:
* And even more trackers:
* pxtone (thanks euske!):
* blipseq (thanks TehVulpez!):
* FL Studio (free demo, thanks freyby!):
* BeepComp (thanks kreddor!):


54 Responses to “MiniLD 73: MUSIC!”

  1. What a perfectly timed theme, love it! Since the last mini game jam ended, it was one of my highest priorities to try and add sound support to my game engine before the major game jam coming up in April. My MiniLD72 entry included no audio at all because of this technical shortcoming, and that was certainly a detriment to the game experience.

    If it’s cool with you guys I think for this game I’m just going to expand on my previous game entry by adding both sound effects and music. Hopefully I can tweak the visuals to better match the new audio as well, making the overall experience more powerful.

  2. TehVulpez says:

    How could you forget blipseq?! It’s an extremely easy piece of software to use, and produces quite nice results. It was actually even made for a Ludum Dare!

    • TehVulpez says:

      The dropbox link is down. I guess rxi thought nobody would need it anymore. I’ve got a copy, but I’m not quite sure how I could get it to all of you. :\ If anybody could help me out with recommendations for how to upload this to some site, that would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Ham62 says:

    Music and programming are two of my favorite things, I totally have to take a crack at this one!

  4. sol_hsa says:

    > sadly often an overlooked aspect

    Saying that music is an overlooked aspect is like saying that running is an overlooked aspect for people trapped in wheelchairs. If music is an easy thing for you, you may feel like everybody should be able to do it, but that’s sadly not the case.

    That doesn’t mean that this mini-ld is a bad idea though – if you ever want to get music in your games, better research it ahead of time, and practice. Either learn to somehow make the music yourself, or look into fractal music generation (the wolfram thing unfortunately has a license that forbids its use) or some such.

    My solution was to throw money at it – bought an USB midi keyboard and some synth software, and for one year tried (and largely succeeded) to play around with it every single day. Phone conferences were a great boon in this, as I could do that while people talked about things that didn’t have anything to do with me.. =)

    That didn’t make me a great composer or anything, but I can do SOMETHING at least.

    • Tijn says:

      Yeah, overlooked was not really the word I meant.

      What I wanted to say is that it’s an often skipped part during game jams, because it’s considered sort of optional. More optional than programming or graphics.

      I understand a lot of people don’t have experience with making music and feel maybe intimidated by it. And I certainly understand that during the short and stressful 48/72 hours of an LD weekend, starting on a new endeavour isn’t exactly appealing.

      But that’s exactly why this miniLD is organised, so there’s more time and less stress to figure this stuff out for yourself. You can freely dabble away without any real risks of failing. And if you do learn to make music now, you’ll have a new skill in your toolbox which you can apply later :)

  5. HellowPixl says:

    I did start today!
    I’ll Mabey add the first version in a few days.

  6. BenJoe72 says:

    Got the idea…got the song…got the time.
    Now I just need permission from the maker of the song and I’m ready to go 😀
    Good luck everyone! :)

    I’m making a game based on the feeling of a song a friend made…that’s allowed, right?

  7. Wan says:

    Great list of music tools Tijn!

  8. BrainSlugs83 says:

    I’ve never done a MiniLD before; only regular Ludum Dare. — Apologies if this is all in a FAQ somewhere, but I can’t find it.

    When does the MiniLD start and end? — How do I “officially” participate? (is it too late?) — Any special rules I should know about?

    • HellowPixl says:

      Hey, its my first time too.
      You can start now and it ends when LD38 starts.
      I think there are no special rules.

    • Tijn says:

      HellowPixl has said it well. It has already started and will stay open until LD38 starts (on 21 April).

      You participate by submitting your game using the big link in the post above that says “submit”. The form is a bit weird, because it’s the same one used for normal LD (modified only a bit), but I’m sure you’ll manage :) You can edit your entry later, so it will all be good. And don’t worry about judging, as there is none.

      The rules are extremely relaxed. Anything goes really. As long as you feel you’re doing something worthwhile, it’s probably alright 😀

  9. HellowPixl says:

    Is there a official way of creating the team?

  10. HellowPixl says:

    Hey guys,
    I was wondering if someone out there knows some good tutorials on how to implement audio into your game
    Or if someone could tell me how to.
    Please reply If you now some.

    • HellowPixl says:

      Ok I did find a way, BUT
      it can only read a file that’s in the java Project not in a folder in it!
      I don’t know why. If i change the path to a folder it gives me an error!

      public class BackGroundMusic {

      public static void play() {
      File bgs1 = new File(“01.wav”);
      File bgs2 = new File(“02.wav”);
      while (GamePanel.running) {


      private static void PlaySound(File file) {
      try {
      Clip clip = AudioSystem.getClip();;
      Thread.sleep(clip.getMicrosecondLength() / 1000);

      } catch (Exception e) {




  11. ReactorScram says:

    Side note about LMMS: Everyone except me hates it

  12. FLDude64 says:

    Could we use somebody else’s music? or are we supposed to make our own?

    • Tijn says:

      Well, at the very least when you do use someone else’s music, you should have their permission. And it could be interesting to do experiments with other people’s music, of course. So if you feel you’re doing something worthwhile, then by all means go ahead.

      But having said that, the idea of this miniLD is sort of that you work on your own music-making abilities. But I don’t want to force anyone to do something they aren’t interested in doing 😀

  13. taten says:

    When is this due?

  14. freyby says:

    What about FL Studio 12?

    • Tijn says:

      I mainly wanted a list of free tools for people who have no experience with this stuff. FL Studio is very cool, but it’s a bit pricey to just try out for a bit.

      But of course there is a free demo, so I’ll list it with a note saying that :)

  15. kreddor says:

    I know it’s a bit late, but you should add BeepComp to the list :)

  16. HellowPixl says:

    Ok my entry is now finished!
    Make sure check it out!

  17. grandtheftmarmot says:

    Thanks for offering this! I saw “– create music for a game you had already started!” and realized there was an unfinished game we made a year ago that we really liked, but it felt really incomplete, and this inspired me to realize it just needed music (title theme, fanfares throughout, and a song/music video at the end). So, I spent a day this weekend working on that and fixing a couple loose ends and it seems done, so I released it!

    Quick question for anybody though- and I didn’t want to pollute the main thread with this.

    A few weeks after LD37, I noticed that our author page (where it shows our previous entries) disappeared. Our entry pages still exist, individually, and say our name, but the the hyperlink of our name “grandtheftmarmot” just says “not found.” Does anybody know why this happened or how to fix it? Not a huge deal, but it would be nice to see them in one place. (Just three now, including this one, but hopefully many more to come.)

  18. Crafting4U says:

    As someone who composes for a hobby, this seems pretty cool! By the way, the program I use is called ‘Musescore’ and is good for composing orchestral music (although basic synths & some other non-orchestral instruments are available for use as well) by writing traditional sheet music. :)

  19. Tanton-XHX says:

    This turn’s miniLD is really amazing cool!
    why i found it just now!
    already can not wait to have some try!>o<

  20. atechdad says:

    I’m in! I will be doing something with Midi — I hope.

  21. Hey all,

    We just finished work on our music game, but we’re not sure it really fits in the spirit of the jam, since work was started back in October. I’ll link here for those who are interested, but I’ll hold back in posting it as an “entry”.

    You control robots traversing an orb in deep space by playing musical pitches into your microphone.

    Please let us know what you think!

  22. binasa says:

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  23. andreabelly says:

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  25. bankir says:

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