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February 19th, 2017 12:12 pm

Hiya! Like many of the other ‘I’m in’ posters, this is definitely my first attempt at a game jam. Please let me know if I’ve misunderstood any of the conventions.

I’ve started work on a basic arcade game for this event, where all the basic mechanics are on the way of being solidified. Hopefully in a little bit I’ll get a post up with actual game descriptions, footage (animated GIFs would be really fun to try and figure out), and maybe a release of one of the early builds.

Thanks for reading the post, hopefully I can offer you something more interesting to read in the next post!

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  1. SuperCrunchy says:

    I have a few suggestions:
    – Given the long time available this time avoid submitting at the last hour. I suggest reserving the last day to packaging the game and making sure that the package works on another computer (A clean windows machine would be good).
    – Start writing down (on paper!) a clear idea on how the game should play. When does the playe win? when does it lose? What’s the objective? etc. Getting a few hours to think and write down this avoids many troubles during implementation.
    – Don’t spend much time on art, sound at the beginning. Focus on gameplay. A game without art is ugly, but a game without gameplay is not a game ;).
    – Super important: Have fun! :)

    Good luck with your game!

    • Thanks a bunch for the suggestions!

      Packaging and testing is definitely not something I take lightly, so I’ll be certain to not wait until the last minute to submit like you suggest. Since I’m writing this game using a basic homemade game engine in Python, I’ve got a bunch of testing to do when I think the game is ready for deployment. I don’t have a framework like Unity or GM to do that work for me.

      Hope you like programmer art, because depending on how long the basis of the game takes to form, there may be plenty of it :P.

      The focus on this event for me is to make a simple, but complete game. I’ve never publicly released a game before, so seeing this quest from start to finish is very important to me. Trying to learn as much about the process as possible here before the next major LD event, so I really appreciate the tips.

  2. Not sure what the contention is currently for posting updates during a Jam like this mini one, so I’m just going to drop a link to my IndieDB where I have been trying to write blog entries every couple of days to record progress.


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