Multiplayer and Party friendly LD games for GDC?

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January 23rd, 2017 4:42 pm

Hi folks!

This is still in early concept stage, but I’ve had some interest in doing a little Ludum Dare thing at GDC this year. It’ll be in a party-like environment, and what we’re thinking is setting up a bunch of multiplayer or party-friendly Ludum Dare games on TVs in addition to the usual hang-out.

Sounds cool?

Let me know in the comments if you’ll be attending GDC, and if you have a good multiplayer/party-friendly game, or if you have any recommendations. Links to LD pages/post LD versions are encouraged. :)

Again this isn’t set in stone yet, but we’re trying to gauge how much interest there is, and what we should be showing if we do it.


42 Responses to “Multiplayer and Party friendly LD games for GDC?”

  1. Gamepopper says:

    I’ll be going to my first GDC, I have a physics based game where you are stuck in a porta-loo balancing on a steal beam.

  2. SojaBird says:

    First time for me just as Gamerpopper.
    My first LD entry also was a local multiplayer game.

    It’s co-op or versus.
    Cool idea!

  3. Jimbly says:

    I played this one and we still pull it out for short matches at local multiplayer gaming parties: (2 players)
    One of mine LD entries is local multiplayer, though not particularly engaging local multiplayer (mostly just score competition): (up to 6 players)

    I attended last year’s Ludum Dare / GitHub meetup, and we played a bunch of local multiplayer games there, including an earlier version of my game Splody (not a LD game), which should be releasing next month! (up to 20 players, limited by number of gamepads). I’ll almost certainly be at this year’s gathering and bringing the build I’m bringing to PAX East (the week after GDC), would love a big screen to put it on for a massively multiplayer offline game ;).

  4. We made a pretty cool competitive 2-4 player minigame suite for LD 36:

    I’ll be at GDC, and can’t wait to come hang!

  5. catchthefloaty says:

    me and a friend did a multiplayer game, tehcnically it works over internet via steamworks… or local if not logged into steam.
    through steam itll allow like several dozen in a game. but in local its only 4.

    link here…

    though its not the most interesting game in the world. it was a nightmare to get out in time. i could potentially revise it. not currently planning on going this year though.

  6. localcoder says:

    I’m coming to GDC and think this is a great idea!

    Game? I made Space Octopus Mono for the first October Challenge, that kind of counts? It’s a relaxed 2-player shooter.

  7. BMacIntosh says:

    I’ll be at GDC. I made a couch multiplayer game a few LDs back and it might be favorite of all my entries so far.

    2 players, competitive. Best with 2 XBox controllers but accepts keyboard. Porcupine Dogfight:

  8. Feng says:

    I made MOW: 2-Player. The arcade space shooter game designed for 2 players head-to-head challenge on a single device. Single player mode included, works best if you have someone nearby you can play against.

    – 1 or 2 players, single device.
    – Fake physics, real game feel.
    – Hand made pixel-art and stunning music.
    – 7+ detailed characters with exclusive equipment sets.
    – Adjustable starting health.
    – Secret characters and easter eggs.
    – In-App Purchases free, Ads free.

    One more thing…
    – You can be the boss.

    An iPad or a large screen iPhone is recommended.

  9. KJB of IBwWG says:

    There was a game I rated for LD37 that would be a nice fit, maybe…but I don’t seem to be able to see the list of the ones I rated now that the rating is over, and I forget the name. Does anyone know how to see one’s ratings of others now?

  10. soniamooore says:

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  11. jarnik says:

    Having a Global Game Jam piece here, so its not a showcase of LD power, but gamejams in general.


    This game was made in less than 10 hours during Global Game Jam 2013. The theme was “a sound of a heartbeat”. We came up with a really idiotic idea – you are driving an ambulance, while constantly giving a massage to a heart meant for transplantation. The blood from the heart is squirting on your windscreen, that you have to wipe to see the road and avoid the obstacles. With such a brilliant idea, we had no other option than just to get make it happen.

    The game is actually suited for 2-3 players, being too hard for 1 player only. The best strategy is to employ 3 players – one steers, the second gives a heart-massage, the third cleans the windscreen.

    Lets Play Showcase:–TYpc

  12. halogenica says:

    I’ll be attending and I’d love to do another LD party! I loved the one we did at github a few years ago. I’ve got a good party-environment local 2-4 player game I made for LD a few years ago. I never released it but I bring it around to parties.

    This was the original LD entry:

    And this is what it looks like today:

    Please note the music in the video is not mine, but rather from the fabulous shemusic (

    I really hope a GDC gathering happens! It was one of my favorite things last time we did it. PS: please don’t make it on Wednesday.

  13. Rodaja says:

    I have just realized this isn’t just for LD37 games so I only tweeted you that one with the Tetris and the platforming. Over time we’ve also made:

    – this two-player robots shooty award winning game that has a post LD version here

    – and this 1-4 player game about filthy rich people shooting money at each other

  14. Greg says:

    We’ll be attending GDC and we’ve created a 2-4 player game for LD33 called Monster Tag.
    here is the link to the game:

  15. I will be at GDC showing Akuto: Mad World. It was originally a singleplayer game I made for Ludum Dare 34. It is now a 1-4 multiplayer game, which is out on Steam Early Access.

    Ld Link:
    Steam link:

  16. cobhc6 says:

    SickSports is max 16 players LAN game:

    I won’t be attending GDC, but maybe SickSports will!

  17. ANTZtakeover says:

    Hey guys! Check out Jump! Shoot! Dive! for some local multiplayer action on your iPad!

  18. schitzN says:

    Hey there,

    we do not attend GDC but we made a funny little game within 24h a while back und we thought this could be a fun prototype to play.

    * 4 Player Deathmatch – get as far as you can!
    * Endless Level getting harder and harder
    * Keyboard / Controller
    * Run, Jump, Dash, Dodge to survive

    Have Fun!

  19. jsmars says:

    Hey! Sounds cool! Check out my entry in the latest LD. It’s a local-COOP game about being a chinese factory assembler for 1-5 players. It’s actually really quite fun to play together!

  20. MidCry says:

    Here is a local multiplayer game i made for ludum dare a few years ago …

  21. A.W. Apps says:

    Luckily, I have 3 local multiplayer games that are perfect for any party!

    * Snake Blaster (my personal favorite) – A 1v1 classic mix of Asteroid and Snake with a unique ammo system.

    * Doodle Royale (my personal favorite) – A 2 player co-op where you hack n slash through hundreds of doodles.

    * Broom Bot Battle – A 2-8 player (2 people per controller) sumo arena in which you play as roombas and bump each other off of the rug, in order to see who is the alpha roomba.

  22. Gjarble says:

    I won’t be at GDC, but I have a 1v1 asymmetrical multiplayer game that began as a Ludum Dare 35 entry:

    I exhibited this version at the Boston Festival of Indie Games and got a pretty good response. I’m working on a new build with some gameplay and graphical improvements and a second game mode; it might be out before GDC. For reference, here’s the original Ludum Dare page for the game (though I’d certainly recommend using the post-compo version instead):

  23. sanojian says:

    How about a game similar to that I made for LD34, Space Amoebas!

    I have no idea how many players it can support, but probably lots. Please please please let me know if you play it and like/hate/love/hate/meh it. I live for hearing that somebody, anybody has played one of my games.

  24. tentacode says:

    I did phat fishes in LD35 by myself :

    Please tell me if you’d like to use it, I can tweak the inputs to allow controllers for example :) (you can join me on twitter @tentacode)

  25. Lerc says:

    Waay back at Ludum Dare 6 (Light and Darkness) I made

    Player Vs Player (Light vs Dark obvs) on the one keyboard.

    The link is the post compo version which has an AI for when you have no friends.

    Short video clip of it in my showreel at

  26. Omiya Games says:

    Welp, I technically made a PvP 2-player game for Ludum Dare 34 called “hack.sourcenet” that requires an internet connection. It’s an FPS where each player can disable up to 2 buttons on their opponent’s keyboard:

    Barring that, I did recently make a super-easy-to-setup physical game for Global Game Jam this year called “Picture This! An Interpretative Art Exercise.” It needs some sheets of paper, some pens, and a print-out of the rules (8-pages, colored, although black & white works, too) and diagrams (12-pages, black & white).

  27. PlasmaErnst says:

    I can recommend “Loco Motion”, made by Waterman7 .
    It’s kind of a racing game. So people can race each other for the best time and try to figure out the most effective wheel combinations. The game was exhibited at a local game-fair and people put their wheel combination plus their finish time on a big highscore-list. The top players then got muffins. Really cool :)

  28. Hores says:

    I made a little snail racing game with a responsive commentary which can be very competitive but also quite chilled:

  29. Bensonance says:

    Sounds rad!

    We South Africans made this 2-4 Player sports game where Orcs ride raptors and use each other as balls.

    Original version:
    Updated version:

  30. stadoblech says:

    LD 37 jam theme winner “Jim is Moving Out!” will be updated soon with local coop multiplayer mode! :) Its about moving out whole house (with furniture inside) in coop with your friend! :)

    P.S.: In time of writing this comment (1. february 2017) there is currently no multiplayer mode. But it will be added soon and it will be definitivelly actual in time of event :)
    Thank you! :)

  31. rainbowism says:

    I recommend Windjammers if you can get a hold of it.

  32. PoV says:


  33. TeamScripta says:

    For LD35 we made a competitive 1v1 multiplayer game, Square Off.

    A mini tournament would be really fun!

  34. Posho says:

    Well, I made Pik & Pok for Ludum Dare 33 and it’s a multiplayer game that can be played on a single keyboard or with controllers.

    Coincidentially enough, there’s a full game re-release of this game set for March 20. @PikAndPok
    I’m also going to GDC 2017 so I could send you/bring with me an early copy and NES controllers if you need to.

  35. pekuja says:

    I’m not sure what games to suggest, but I will be coming to GDC. :)

  36. SeaDads says:

    Sadly not going to make it to GDC this year, but I’m working on adding local-multiplayer for an update to Karate Basketball from the last LD (

    We still need to find time for testing/final tweaks and polish before we put it live, but here’s an early build if you want to check it out:

  37. theeu says:

    Our last entry was a local multiplayer party game for up to 4 players. It’s quite incomplete.

    Chicken Party

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