Post-LD ideas

January 8th, 2017 7:13 am

Do you ever feel like this: LD is already over, but you got an idea which fits the theme? We had that feeling multiple times. And one more weekend you make one more solo LD… cause it is fun, isn’t it?

After LD35: Two buttons

A game where level changes depending on your direction (link to demo).


After LD36: Shapeshifter

A game where you’re a shapeshifter chess figure which transforms into just killed figure (link to demo).


A «Sheep-shifter» – where you need to pass sheeps through forest full of wolfs and you have a beam which transforms your sheeps into uncontrollable monsters (link to demo).


After LD37: One Room

A game where you need to protect room with baby from noise of neighbours… by smashing them (link to demo).


These are just demos, but do you think some of them could become interesting games?

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  1. Flygamer101 says:

    After looking through, I think the ones with the most potential are the One Room LD37 one, and the chess one.
    Heres my opinion:

    The chess one could use some more graphical polish, but the particle effects were really good. The reason why I picked it was because the idea was so interesting and intriguing, but to be a good game, especially one to sell, you would need a lot more content.

    The one room was looked really nice graphically, with the lighting and textures and animations. If you have your core gameplay already implemented, then perhaps take a look at furthur developing that one, as long as you have a goal for it.

    Other than that, good luck on your journey through the game developing world!

    PS: I myself have found it hard to keep developing games because I am lazy, so I eventually stop updating them. I hope you can continue

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