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January 3rd, 2017 2:19 am

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Ludum Dare 38, our 15th Anniversary: April 21st-24th


We started this “Ludum Dare” thing back in April of 2002, and we’re still here today, 15 years later.

15 years is one of those impossible goals you just don’t expect to reach. From our humble beginnings as a forum, to a world class event for game creators. Our little olde event has a huge impact on how games are made, and how game making is taught. We’re known across the industry, and I’m super proud of what we’ve achieved together.

I owe a huge thanks to so many people for getting us where we are today. I’m going to hold-off calling people out, since I wont be able to do it justice. But a huge thanks to all of you that keep coming back, those that go out of your way to help others, and everyone that dares to take our Dare for the first time.

Follow us on Twitter, or sign up for the Mailing List to keep informed.

New Website Progress

There’s a lot on my plate this year (see below). I was planning to do another crunch after Xmas so we could start an Alpha test, but I decided to do the holidays properly: relax.

I did not finish enough of the new website in time for Ludum Dare 37, but during the crunch a lot of important progress was made. We discovered a number of things that need to be changed (hooray for compatibility and security). But like I first said: we’re better off with December’s event being a disaster than our 15th Anniversary. On the plus side, I don’t think it was a disaster. It just didn’t go as smooth as it could have.

And even though we didn’t fully launch the site, I’m happy we’re finally past the point where people other than me can contribute. The week after LD I took it easy, spending my time addressing toolchain bugs, and merging in some of the fixes and changes that were contributed. It’s not ready for prime time yet, but for those of you that like to hack on incomplete things, there’s something usable there now.

We will try this again in April.

I will be at GDC 2017 in February/March

I figure I should make an appearance this year. :)

I probably wont be organizing a gathering. I just don’t have the time (I’ll get to that in a moment). But I will be there, in San Francisco! No creepy robot! 😀

If anything changes, I will let you know. The Mailing List is a great way to keep informed.

I am looking for work

*sigh* Well, it’s about that time too.

I’ve put as much full-time work in to Ludum Dare as I can afford to. I’ll be looking for a job this year. Of course, with our 15th anniversary coming up, I’m in a funny spot. A milestone like 15 years is the sort of thing you want to make a big deal out of. But I need to be able to support myself again, so I can continue working on the event. I’ll figure it out.

In the near term, I’ll be splitting my efforts between Ludum Dare Dev, 15th Anniversary stuff, and work on my portfolio/job hunt. I haven’t had to look for a job in like… 18 years? I’m actually not sure what I should be pursuing (feel free to tell me). And despite having 16-some years gamedev experience (and whatever you want to call the past two years), I’m not entirely sure I want to return to the trenches. At this point I’m just looking for something interesting. Someplace, given everything I have going on, where I can be useful.

I’m a difficult hire as I have Ludum Dare, this cool thing that needs my attention every 3-4 months. I’m a Canadian without a diploma (dropped out of college in 1999 to take a Game Industry job). Ideally I’m looking for something that’s cool with me having my projects, cool with me taking time away to focus on them, and cool with me working remotely (I really don’t want to move, but I’m happy to visit).

I should have a portfolio site up in a few weeks, but feel free to reach out before then. 😉

That’s it from me. I hope you have a fantastic 2017.

– Mike Kasprzak (PoV)

8 Responses to “Results for Ludum Dare 37”

  1. PowerSpark says:

    Awesome, congrats to everyone!

  2. urth says:

    Thanks for always being there and good luck on your job hunt.

  3. Beep2Bleep says:

    Best of luck on the job hunt. I know it may sound a bit odd but you might want to just consider web stuff as well. Non-game dev is almost always cool with side projects (I’ve personally never had to sign an assignment of inventions contract for work on off hours), you can even sometimes find part time work.

    It seems like the last two years you’ve been a web dev/community manager in the games space so I think you might find that an easier thing to slot into (esp. remote). Also don’t talk yourself down that you’re a Canadian without a diploma, saying your Canadian is cool since it cuts off job offers but the diploma hardly matters. Having those statements in there just look like low self esteem, don’t do that. Instead leave out the diploma stuff and talk proudly about being Canadian (Hockey or Tim Horton’s or something).

  4. SamuelSousa says:

    LUDUM DARE 38 on my agenda :)

    @Beep2Bleep puts up a good point. If you don’t “sell” yourself right, no one will.

  5. Ace says:

    Well, 2016 was quite a year, and I’m really happy about how well LD#37 actually went.

    Going to try and be more prepared before April though, not just suddenly realize that next week is Ludum Dare due to talking with a coworker about it. Didn’t even manage to convince the coworker in question to join in.
    Also going to try not having to leave all my computers just a few days after the event; holidays and all that.

    But hey, I’m now in the unique position of being able to start playing the other Ludum Dare entries today without having to worry about the whole voting part.

    Hope the job hunt goes well for you.

  6. ShaolinDave says:

    I was wondering where I can find how many participants there were?

  7. roblox3183 says:

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  8. kimsp says:

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