If you have low scores, read this.

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January 3rd, 2017 10:22 pm

Allo, Im Fishy.

Im gonna talk about a problem with our site here. (I’m not a mod, just using our as a community thingy) A-lot of people have been really bummed lately, due to seeing plenty of triple digits in there scores. Now, I can see this as concerning, and especially unfair. But check this out, you made a Video Game! And actually had the balls to submit it to the public! I’d be pretty proud If I were you. Yeah, so what if you got < 100 on all your ranks. YOU still had fun making it didn’t you? You learned from making it didn’t you? If you said yes to either of those, congrats! You’re a winner! You don’t need to tell people you got >10/200.

What I’m trying to say here, its fantastic job to all of you. You went through the effort, and if you hit the submit button, it was worth it. You now get feedback, and can say confidently that you didn’t wuss out like many other developers who somehow don’t think that they could even compete in this!

I’m proud of all of you! I hope you stick around for next jam! New site, new judging system, it should all be well and good! Have a fantastic morning/afternoon/evening where ever you are!




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7 Responses to “If you have low scores, read this.”

  1. ajayajayaj says:

    I normally get triple digits, so I was happy to finally get one double digit!

  2. Zgragselus says:

    While I agree and from the stats it is obvious that in some cases just few low votes can push you hundreds of places down for example, and I definitely agree that making a game is achievement in itself there is still one huge problem…

    People who give low scores don’t state what is wrong. I know that in my case there were some people who pointed some bad points out. I’m so happy for them, for actually running the game and giving me feedback that points out what is WRONG.

    Opposing to that, I’m sure I’ve received some low scores in graphics too (as an example), whereas I haven’t received any feedback about what is wrong with graphics.

    In the end, I tend to often create more complex games than simple mash ’em up, shoot ’em ups, etc. (which of course gets less polished in the end – and therefore more fun = better score). Nevertheless, I had fun over the weekend, and I will join again … not going to forget to incorporate tutorial into game, as not everybody really watches the accompanying tutorial video!

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