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January 2nd, 2017 1:17 pm

So after a stale period in my game development activity, I finished the post-compo version of my game, The Pit! If you have already played my game, feel free to try it out!


If you haven’t played it yet, and intend on rating it, please don’t play the post-compo version until after you’ve played and rated the original version here on the LudumDare website

Basically, I had to make a post on r/webgames so get some real feedback, as I feel that everyone around here is too nice due to the fear of accidentally offending someone which could effect ratings on their game, which is understandable. I found myself doing that a bit also. Anyway basically everyone said the controls were confusing, so I tried to focus on that.


  • Added custom key binding
  • Changed build functionality, now you can build through blocks in your path,
  • Added the ability to build downward, bumping the block below you even lower
  • Removed excessive upward momentum after finished building (makes changing directions while building much quicker)
  • Re-balanced enemies, made them slower, easier to trap
  • Made it so you couldn’t build a block directly on top of an enemy
  • Attack is now more effective, knocking enemies black further


All of you guys’ games that I’ve played are great in their own way and you should all be very proud of yourself!!

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