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January 2nd, 2017 9:17 am

So I’ve been working on a mobile game I was hoping to release in November but I managed to squeeze in some time to fix parts of my LD game and if possible would love to get some feedback. I’ve mainly just worked on the feel of the game and this post is basically to try and grab some feedback while you lovely people are here. If anyone does this i’ll happily playtest and do whatever feedback thing you want as someone with programming, 3d modelling and animation experience.

When I’m done with my current project I’m thinking of dedicating my time to this game and this is my plan for it so far
The game would be an homage to my favorite game genres and a celebration of the places games could take you from inside your home. The level in the prototype would be a basic, content deficient version of a fantasy/medevil type level. Originally for the jam I planned the fantasy to be seemlessly followed up with a city, then space, then abstract. While this was too much work for the jam I’ve planned several further levels out with thematic enemy types and bosses.
Anywho…So these are the things I’d like some feedback on:
1. Do I make different ships for each level that have individual contextual firing modes, upgrades and meshes OR have a much more involved, complex upgrading system that has a Soulsian, loose-progression-when-you-die mechanic (die and you loose random upgrade)?
2. The shop mechanic is still not really built so you can just buy all the available upgrades and go into negative money which isnt too big a deal because the prices arent balanced. Though if you can just upgrade what you feel you need and let me know what upgrades they were.
Also if you have some shump type games with cool upgrade systems let me know so i can steal their ideas do some research

Download LinkĀ  (postjam version please, not too fussed about getting votes at this point)

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