When dust has settled

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December 26th, 2016 10:06 am

Hey everyone and happy Christmas!

Its been 2 long weeks since the LD event, and I am just now writing this post-compo dev-blog.
Two weeks too late, but I was quite busy, not that that is a valid excuse of course.

This was my 2nd time participating at LudumDare and this time I made a game called Space Captive.

In this game you are an astronaut who has survived the destruction of his space station, and you are tied to the last supply module via special tether. This supply module will be either your last room before your death or your best chance to survive. You have to collect necessary resources while being barraged by debris and other items. Good luck!

(sorry about the bad gif quality)

This will be the 1st time of me being proud of my entry and having somewhat reached my vision of the game, and that makes me really happy :) .
Also I am very happy with the feedback so far, although everyone says that the game is too hard, to which I would like to reply “space is hard” 😀 .

What went right and wrong?
Well with my first entry back at LD35 I ran out of time and I was somewhat upset with the result, so this time I made sure that my time management was on point.
My first days goal was to finish the core game, which I did and was very surprised about it. And the second day was for graphics, sounds, polish, etc.
I still wish I could have made a little intro movie/tutorial but I am too bad of an artist to pull that off in reasonable time. Also maybe on the next LD event I should focus a bit more on music.
And another thing that bothered me was that it took me 2 weeks to release a minor bugfix(which took like a hour or so to make) and to write this post.
Also i wish i had made time-lapse of my work.

But all in all I am very happy with the end result of the game, and i think that is what matters the most.

If you wanna try out my game the link is >here<!
Have fun everyone and happy new year! 😀

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  1. hellfridge says:

    This look so brilliant, I want to play it! LINUX or MAC version PLEASE!

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