Like about half the Ludum Dares I participate in, I started out with a far too ambitious idea and went from there. This time the idea was a monster: A meta-game space-sim influenced by stats generated by unique play-style within 4 built from scratch mini-games.

Seemed simple enough, but it wasn’t :/. Maybe I was procrastinating looking for a real job (which I still need, shout out to employers lol), or maybe I was just hooked, but for some reason I just kept working at it, more and more and more and more. I’ve done basically nothing these past two weeks but code this game. And now it’s finally done…ish.

For one thing I’m not an artist, so it’s been Frankensteined from art assets that I found online (ones with rights permitting). Ditto goes for the audio, which wasn’t even present in my LDJam build. My LDJam build is semi-playable, and moreso it stands as a testiment of what an abandoned good idea looks like before it’s un-abandoned.

I don’t know exactly what I expect now, the original LDJam version isn’t polished enough to likely get any positive feedback, and this version, well obviously it took too long (by about 12 days). That said, I’d still love to hear people’s thoughts on either. I’m usually a very prolific LD game player/reviewer, so now I’m going to dive into that, I hope people play my game to it’s “Merry” end. If it’s well received it’s not too far off from being able to be ported to Android as an official Google Play store release. (I’m thinking of throwing my last LD Game on there too for free, just a heads up to Tiger Handheld enthusiasts).

Just a couple weeks ago at the start of all this it was just an idea in my head. Now it’s…


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