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December 21st, 2016 1:34 pm


Play it ere: Cancelled Refuge
Vote on Greenlight here: Steam Greenlight

So I’ve played and rated quite a few games now, all the people who rated/commented on my game I returned the favor and man there are so many brilliant games! I’ve had so much fun, fantastic entries as usual.

(Current list of characters)

So yeah, I’m carrying on with my Ludum Dare submission because I had so much fun, Currently I’ve got 25 playable characters (some being enemies,) and I’m aiming for 36 in total. They all have their own different attacks, stats and hyper moves. I’ve also balanced previous characters, added in controller support and changed around how weapons work. Besides having your normal attack, you also now have access to a “hyper” attack. You can store up too nine hyper attacks and you gain hyper attacks by destroying a set amount of enemies. Also each character has an “passive” ability like double/triple jumps, jetpacks, crouching shields, dashing and so on.


I’ve also got plans to add in a story mode, bosses, randomize characters and even to play as some of the enemies! (Also with the usual unlocks of new characters/stages/achievements)

Anyway yeah, development is coming along very nicely, I’m actually have so much fun with this. I really do love my 8-bit games, so hopefully people will enjoy the finish product as well.

Hope everyone is enjoying playing the games from this jam! Also hope everyone have a lovely holiday too ^-^


Play it ere: Cancelled Refuge
Vote on Greenlight here: Steam Greenlight

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