Cure4Life Postmortem

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December 20th, 2016 8:00 am

Hello again, fellow darians :)

I guess this is my final postmortem post for Cure4Life.
Mostly because I can’t come up with anything new to write about this game :)

Firstly, my two older postmortem posts about this game:

Running out of Hands
Swinging the Axe

In this post I want to show you how our game changed from beginning to the end.

Quick tip: Using some sort of CVS (Git, for example) is very useful for this kind of posts.
It is difficult to find some time and capture game while jam is in progress (and if you’re not making timelapse).
But it is pretty simple to make commits to CVS and then, after the jam, go back in time and make some gifs :)

Day 1

After discussing core gameplay I started making prototype without proper sprites.
Managed to make physics-based shotgun :)


Removed some boxes as they block bunch of bullets.
Added some sort of room. Now our game fits the theme :)


Added enemies, some basic enemy pathfinding and some loot :)
First pathfinding just tried to go in the direction of player, without any obstacle detection.


Replaced pathfinding with proper one :)


Finally got some sprites from Chimera. Looks ok, but hands…
Also axe looks like tail if it is behind player 😀


…from here gifs are smaller due to file size limitation… 

Added some blood, and gibs, and blood stains. Made axe faster, just for fun 😀


Added loot and popup labels when picking loot.


Day 2

Added more labels 😀
Chimera gave me some weapon sprites too :)

By the way, incrementing numbers in label is not very difficult to do, just needed to add more data to labels to determine its type.


Added hands! They look awesome :)

Also added label color coding.


Random clip with overpowered shotgun.

I know that now it is very bad, we’re making proper post-jam version now with many balancing updates :)


Day 3

Didn’t had much time on Monday due to work, so almost everything was finished in about 5 hours and I managed to make build when it was 7 minuts in countdown :) (It’s about 5 am my local time)

Added UI and Main menu.

Found some good music on Kevin MacLeod’s Site. Used it many times when I didn’t had any composers around.
Tried to make some SFX with BFXR. It sounds not very good, but it was fast to do:)



It was fun LD this time. I was going to make some small game and submit it to Compo…
But when I entered my local real-world gathering I was immediately asked by Vitali (Chimera) “Are you a programmer?” and we started working 😀

P.S. Judging and commenting are still going – Cure4Life :)

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