Obelisk – Post Jam Tweaks

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December 17th, 2016 10:32 am



First I’d like to say thank you for the overwhelming response we’ve received. You guys rock!

We’ve taken (read stolen) some of your ideas for improving the game. Namely there was an issue with the player identifying their health on the Obelisk. To alleviate the issue we’ve hidden some some fancy new, top of the range, 4 sided, axis aligned polygons inside the Obelisk, which will explode when a rune changes.

Other changes include a small amount of movement during an attack, and enemy stunning on hit, keeping those pesky spinning intruders from running away from you in the middle of the sweet hook and slash you just pulled off.

Oh yeah and a slash sound when you attack, that sounds more like 300 small furry creatures saying ‘wooop’ than a slash, but we like it.

We won’t be adding anymore content to this build as we want to keep it true to the jam, but are considering working on it more in the new year. If you have any thoughts on where to take it, comment below!

Play the game here yo! 





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