Cancelled Refuge: Post Jam News

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December 17th, 2016 5:49 am


Play it ere: Cancelled Refuge
Vote on Greenlight here: Steam Greenlight

Hey! Just want to say thank you to everyone who’s commented/played/voted on my game! I’m going to spend tomorrow playing LDjam games and leaving reviews on everyone who commented on my game.  The reason why I haven’t done it already is because I’ve been working on the post jam version. Yes that’s right I actually had so much fun I thought I’d carry on creating it.


I’ve so far have made ten new characters, bringing the total character count to fifteen. (I’m aiming for around twenty-six different characters.)  I’ve also balanced characters, added in controller support and changed around how weapons work. Besides having your normal attack, you also now have access to a “hyper” attack. You can store up too nine hyper attacks and you gain hyper attacks by destroying a set amount of enemies. Also each character has an “passive” ability like double/triple jumps, jetpacks, crouching shields, dashing and so on.

I’ve also got plans to add in a story mode, bosses, randomize characters and even to play as some of the enemies! (Also with the usual unlocks of new characters/stages/achievements)

Anyway yeah, development is coming along very nicely, I’m actually have so much fun with this. I really do love my 8-bit games, so hopefully people will enjoy the finish product as well.


Play it ere: Cancelled Refuge
Vote on Greenlight here: Steam Greenlight

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