KILLOBIT – Almost Possible To Beat

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December 16th, 2016 10:49 am

killobit by bitslap

KILLOBIT – Almost possible to beat.

I made a trailer to show off what my game is about. Dying and doing so from your own weapons.

The game it self is simple. Kill 3 floating bubbles that multiply into smaller bubbles when they get hit. If all bubbles are popped you can advance to the next stage. One challenge lies in that the 2nd time a bubble bursts, it splits into 4 small (and final) bubbles. Due to the very small play area it can get really crowded if you arent careful. The 2nd challenge is that each weapon you have will damage you back if you are hit. This “create your own bullet hell” mechanic was what i was aiming for and while it isnt balanced, it can be fun for some to iterate (dying) the levels until you win.

I included a total of 3 tutorial levels and 5 main levels. Worth mentioning is that the inspiration for this game is the old Super Pang games.  I have decided to continue the game under another name. I enjoyed the simple core enough to make it into a more nuanced and balanced game. follow me on twitter if you want to know it when it is done.

I hope you enjoy the game

Bloody Regards

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