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December 15th, 2016 11:19 am


Back for another Ludum Dare! This time with the talented Greg, 3D artist and friend turned pixel pusher for the weekend. Oh and too much caffeine and too little sleep as always :)

This time around we decided to take a more structured approach and spend more time in the design phase, locking down our scope and features rather than letting things run wild over the weekend as we have done before. We hail from sunny Scotland and started the jam at 10am, but I didn’t get to write any code until past 4pm. Instead we spent the first 5 hours (minus an hour for fish and chips) in front of a whiteboard.

20161210_111740   20161210_125204

As you can see we had quite a few ideas, but kept narrowing down to a minimal viable project. We wanted to have a game what had a full game loop and didn’t feel incomplete, so we decided to aim to have the game finished on the Sunday evening, leaving Monday to polish. Although I had to work on the Monday during the day, which I won’t lie was utterly exhausting, but well worth it!

By the end of the first day we had movement and the hookshot implemented, level outlines and a most of the player character animations. I went home to sleep and Greg went out to get drunk, because that’s what Greg’s do.

At the start of the second day we realised we would have to trim our idea further if we wanted to hit our target of having the core game finished before the end of the day.

We had to drop:
* Character progression and shop
* Different player swords and hookshots
* More than one enemy type

But in doing so we realised we could spend a little more time nailing the transition to the Void, and spend a little more time making the hookshot feel awesome. E.g. The hookshot makes the character jump a little, as well as travelling at different velocities depending on what’s attached/pulled.

We really wanted the core mechanics to feel right and spent the day adding enemies, finishing character animations, tweaking combat and writing dialogue.

While I was at work on the final day Greg blitzed through the second pass on the levels, turning scribbles into masterpieces 😛

Level 5 transformation (before->after)

Lvl_5   Lvl_5

We were making changes right up until the deadline, it was stressful, it was thrilling, it was insanely rewarding, it was everything I’ve come to expect from Ludum Dare.

10/10, would Jam again.

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