Introducing “Claim Your Color”

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December 14th, 2016 10:15 am

Make sure to check the submission first:


Claim Your Color is a game where you have to paint the room with your color and dominate the room with your color. There are four colors available in the room; red, blue, green, and yellow. There are also four power items in every corner of the room. The power items help you to paint the room quicker. It can paint the room with your color horizontally, vertically, crossing, exploding, and scattering. You have two minutes to paint the room. You are also provided with the percentage about which color has painted the room most. Therefore, you can overpaint that more dominating color. But, at 30 seconds, that information is blocked so you have to keep painting the room regardless of anything.


The Idea
Once the theme was out, I wasn’t impressed. I don’t really like it. I didn’t know what to make about One Room. Room escape game? Nope. Don’t go with the theme? Nah, I still want to utilize the theme. Skip LD37? NO WAY. So, I need to brainstorm more.

The idea popped out when I was taking a bath. Not really an original gameplay idea, but I want to make it. This game is highly influenced by a game called Battle Painters. If you play them both, you can see how similar they are. That game was my childhood game. I loved that game so much. One day, I wanted to replay that game but somehow the color of the game was weird, I didn’t enjoy it as much as when I was on my childhood. So, I wanted to try to recreate that game. But of course, I have to make it different somehow.


The Development
The first thing I do is making the color trails. I’m still learning making video games. This thing is difficult to do for me. After some googling, I found a solution. However, that solution was not what I wanted. The color would not overpaint. So, they were in their own z-axis position. I didn’t know how to fix that. So, I created it with my own idea. The idea was so hacky, I thought it would take a lot of RAM. And boom! That pixelly color trails were born. I didn’t really want to go pixelly, but it went great so I left it be like that.

That rectangle players are interesting. Those are placeholder assets. I didn’t want to make it just a rectangle like that. I wanted to make like a person holding a paint and keep painting the room. But I thought this graphics was OK. So, I just saved time by not making more graphical assets.


The Polishing
This game was so simple to make, I only need like 20 hours (cumulatively) to make this. After I finished making the core mechanics and all the stuffs that the game needed. I polished the game a bit. I put screen shake (every game has it!) and title screen. The sound effects was simply generated using LabChirp. That program is awesome. I highly recommend it! Then, I had problem with the music. I suck at art! Music is art too! I’ve followed some tutorials before for making a music. I’ve made several bad music. So I tried to make the music myself. I used Beepbox to create the music since it is very easy to use and randomly putting notes there making it sounds pretty good. So, I made it and the result was not that bad. Then I shamelessly put them into the game.

The Unfinished
Of course there are some ideas that left behind because of the time limit. First, I wanted the player can choose what color the player want to play. I think this is rather easy to be implemented, I don’t know why I didn’t implement it before. Second, I wanted to create more power items and those were not about painting the room, it could be messing around with the players. Third, the AI is not the best. I wanted to do more research about the AI and make it better. Fourth, of course this game is better if it had multiplayer in it.


I think that’s all from me that I want to share.
Don’t forget to play my submission and don’t forget to rate it.

Have a nice day!

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