Hey so this is like nineteen posts in one, because after the Ludum Dare I spent the next day cleaning and packing and then made the long trip back home for the holidays. I was bored of the loneliness of Uni.

So, I present to you our submission: Tempus Machina! Personally, it is my seventh LD entry, and quite possibly my favourite. It is also the first entry of mine to have bespoke music! Courtesy of Lopodyr! Thanks again, buddy.

The wonderful art was done by SmartWilliam and the punchy sfx was done by Birdmammoth. I did all of the techy bits.

You play a time-travelling robot (like the Terminator, but cuter) and you must kill as many cyborg soldiers and velociraptors as possible by switching instantly between the past and future to plan your positioning. There’s actually a bit of a hidden story to the stage by way of some exposition in the future stage, but what good is words when pictures are worth a thousand? Woo, Gifs! That’s like a million words!

The other awesome thing about the game is that, for the first time ever, I’ve gotten online High Scores to work in GM:S! So we’re running a little competition. Whoever is on the Top 10 high score table at the end of the judging period will be awarded our Terminator Trophy, with the Top 3 each getting a special version of it!


The current leaderboard is mostly comprised of myself, and since I suck, it’s not hard to beat me. The artist is much better at it, so (don’t tell him I said this) please do your best to kick him off before he gets too smug!


If you would like to play Tempus Machina, you can do so >>here<< (opens in a new tab)


Now, the other half of this post is that, at some point this week in daytime GMT, I will be spending a few hours streaming entries. I won’t be able to get through a huge amount because I like to give each game a fair shake, but I will be doing more streaming in the third week of judging as well (Next week I’m off to Spain!).

So, if you would like to have your game judged on stream, please fill in this handy form!

You can find my Twitch Channel here (click the well-drawn picture of me)

Taha Fsjal

Alrighty, that about sums it up. I’ll be writing up a post-mortem, at some point. Can’t wait to play your entries!



PS: This post took like two hours to make haha. Was it worth it? Probably not.

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