List of all compo web games

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December 13th, 2016 4:29 pm

I made a list of all web-games submitted to the compo.

These are all the games you can play in your browser without a download.


12 Responses to “List of all compo web games”

  1. imphenzia says:

    Thanks for compiling the list. I couldn’t find my entry in the list – do I have to tag it somehow?

  2. incobalt says:

    Yeah, this is cool, but you do seem to have missed some. Thanks for doing the work, though! 😀

  3. Zarkonnen says:

    Thank you, this is very useful for me as a filthy Linux user. Though mine is also missing:

  4. rogual says:

    Oops, I had a bug. Fixed now, check again!

  5. Haddy22 says:

    Thats convenient- thanks!

  6. Devastus says:

    Thank you very much for this, it will surely come handy.

    I noticed mine is missing from the list as well:

  7. Haddy22 says:

    Rhythm Rink isint actually playable in web- it has a web link button bit its a link to a webpage to download and play it-

  8. JorgeGameDev says:

    Hey! Thanks for making this list. It’s always nice seeing other users making around the Ludum Dare community. I will definitely use this list during judging since most the judging time I will have to be at University, and it’s always troublesome dowloading games there, so this will allow me to check web games more efficiently during breaks and downtimes.

    One thing though. As other people here have also commented, our game is also one of the ones that missing. Although it’s not an embed here on the site (the embed window was to big to fit), it’s playable on the browser on

    Wanted to point that out, although hopefully we’re not being bothersome. Once again, thanks for your time doing this! 😀

  9. rogual says:

    Hey guys, sorry, I didn’t make this very clear, but it’s just a list of Compo entries (no Jam)

  10. ragnta says:

    I did compo (not jam), and I didn’t find my game. :(

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