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Vote on Greenlit here: Steam Greenlight

I woke up at 8pm today. 8PM! There is one thing I’m guaranteed with LDjam is that my sleep pattern will become a thing of history. Despite really not liking the theme this time I actually had one of the most fun times with it.

So I’ll just quickly go through how the game jam went down. The first 10-12 hours actually included zero vidya game shenanigans, it actually included lots of alcohol and then a mild hangover. Anyway once I got my Christmas party out of the way I went on trying to come up with something for this theme. (Did I already say I didn’t like this theme? Not sure.)  Originally the game looked like this:

(Ah yes the original art/game, very glad I scrapped it very early on now)

I quickly got rid of this concept and design, I was just too tired and hungover to make something decent of it. I needed my get of jail free card and that my friends is 8-bit NES style. I’ve made plenty of these styled games so to save me from headaches I decided to just do what I do best. I still didn’t have a new concept at the time. The first idea was just a constant boss battle that grew stronger and stronger set in one room. However that’s when the penny dropped, I thought why not apply that idea to a stage instead, one room doesn’t have to mean one level/art/setting.

(So thankful for 16×16 sprites. These peeps are homages to my previous indie games)

So with the new concept/idea/art style behind me, I quickly designed an engine. I’ve now learnt how to streamline how I develop platformers so this stage didn’t take long at all. I made it so it’s very easy to change the variables of the collision box that it was this point where I thought I could cheekily add in different characters. I then started to design the way the room would change once you’ve completed a loop and the simplest of things are usually the best. Originally the tiles were going to change when you got close but then I thought ah, sod it, I’ll just make the camera whip back to the start and have the room change straight away. It worked better.

(I honestly love 8-bit NES tile sets. It’s my art fetish.)

So everything was in place all was needed now is to make the rooms and the tilework to go with it. This was easily the most fun part. I originally had five different rooms planned but alas due to my antics I had to cut it down to three rooms and five characters. Alas we wont be seeing the Ice or Volcano rooms for now. Designing the loops and rooms was just so much fun. I really enjoy the difficult NES games of that era so it just just fantastic making something that relived that.

(8-Bit Baddies. My favourite type of baddie)

I did however decided to stick the game up on Steam Greenlight because why not? I’d love to carry this game on, jazz it up and sell it for say $0.99. That’d be cool. So a yes vote would be lovely 😉

Anyway to sum things up, crap theme, fun jam. What a oxymoron. Right time for a cup of tea and to play other peeps games now 😀


Play it ere: Cancelled Refuge
Vote on Greenlit here: Steam Greenlight

6 Responses to “Cancelled Refuge: Post Jam Thoughts + Greenlight”

  1. Moski says:

    The style and sprites are extremely inspiring. It looks so vibrant! Good luck on making it through Greenlight!

  2. BoneDaddy says:

    wow this is so inspiring. i think ill put my game on greenlight too :)

  3. Pickens Inc. says:

    This is gorgeous. I will certainly play it tomorrow. Can I ask how you record such long, high quality gifs (as in, the entire process) and manage to keep them under 4MB? Thanks!

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