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December 11th, 2016 9:07 pm


So, I was spending most of my time trying to rewrite a raycaster wolfenstein engine from scratch, something I have done before in the past but always end up with horrible bugs and long time till I get it right. The alternative root would be to write some OpenGL code and make a simple room but I was afraid of the modelling it will require or maybe I could make it with procedural contect but not sure how it would look. While the raycaster root would mean blocky walls and a single¬†would be too bland, but the idea was different. The concept would be to have all these hundreds of doors (in the screenshot it looks like garage door almost, proceduraly generated cause I don’t have time to write code to load images now) and Only One Room behind the doors would be the correct. Yep, kinda twisted the theme. I was thinking of making some funny enemies or pictures behind the wrong walls and ridiculous sounds (I haven’t done any of them), so it would get annoying the more you open. I wasn’t sure how to go from there gameplay-wise, hoping to finish and plan from there, maybe have a limited time till you open the right door and a monster to chase you around the corridors or the wrong doors triggering bad effects in your movement (like drunk movement or freeze for 5 seconds, etc).

I am not even sure if I’ll have motivation to wake up tomorrow and finish this for the Jam instead. So, I’ll just post a screenshot for now..

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