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December 11th, 2016 7:36 am


Almost Possible To Beat!

I used pang as inspiration for the shooting and enemies. The result is an interesting lowrez arcade game similiar to Banana Nababa. It is basically that game but with enemies instead of bosses. The concept is simple enough, you get start on a level with a random weapon and you have to use that weapon to kill 3 Papa Bubbles. The challege lies in that the weapons are double edged and will kill you. Completing a a stage will reward you (force) with a new random weapon to use on the next stage. I will also let the player choose between 2-3 mutations much like in Nuclear Throne.  This is good enough to make, lets say 5 stages. If i have the time i will switch out the reward for gold and let the player collect and buy. I just love shopping in games.

Todo list

  • More kamikaze weapons
  • In-between battle upgrading
  • Use random NES colors instead of random colors
  • Improve player sprite
  • Improve enemies
  • Make music
  • More sound
  • HUD
  • Options
  • Gamepad support
  • Custom controller support
  • Shopkeeper (i wish)
  • Whatever i cant remember when writing this


5 Responses to “KILLOBIT log 1”

  1. wujood says:

    Awesome game mechanics ! Keep it up !

  2. Patacorow says:

    isn’t that my gif? o_o

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