Judging Ludum Dare 37

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December 11th, 2016 11:16 pm

Since I know everybody wants it, we will run an old-style Ludum Dare judging here on ludumdare.com. It’s buggy, it’s easily exploited, and it has already started, so get voting! I will make some time to check the data by the end before the results, and hopefully we’ll catch any attempts at abusing the system again. Just let me know if you come across any suspicious entries or activity. Thanks.

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This will be the official way we’re judging Ludum Dare 37.

Unofficially, I’d still like to go ahead with alpha-testing judging on the new site, but I’m going to bump the kickoff from Friday to Monday December 19th. Spend this week judging games here on ludumdare.com. In fact, keep judging them after (up until the end of the year). But next week, anyone that wants to help me battle test the new judging, I will be inviting you to resubmit your Ludum Dare game on https://ldjam.com, and try it out.

The judging there will have no effect on the results here (so here is most important), but it will help me make sure the new site is working well enough for our first big event in April 2017 (and our 15th anniversary).

EDIT: Ah! Because of the holidays, Mike running behind schedule (yes yes), and not to interfere with the judging, alpha testing is pushed back to January.

Thanks everyone!

31 Responses to “Judging Ludum Dare 37”

  1. TerraCottaFrog says:

    When is the old-site judging starting?

  2. rburema says:

    It might be a good idea to post this info on the ‘new’ site as well?
    You never know, there might be the rare person (or two) that /only/ check(s) the new site for updates…

    • rburema says:

      The above was not meant as snark!
      It was a honest-to-goodness suggestion… but maybe I worry too much about the sort of edge cases that probably don’t even exist :-)

      Keep up the good work! :-)

  3. anatolat says:

    Is it possible to edit compo entry now? I forgot to add link to the source :(

  4. Vadim Ivshin says:

    What do these formulas mean: (D:40=R:21-C:37)8?

    • nassi says:

      The lower your D value the earlier you appear in the “Default”-page of judging. D goes up every time you get a rating (R is the number of ratings received) and diminishes when you rate other games (C is the number of games rated, meaning “Coolness”). This means that when you rate games, you get more visibility! The more ratings (R) you have, the harder it is to get the D value down.

      Don’t remember/know what the 8 in the end means :P.

  5. PolygonTeam says:

    guys, why i can’t see my game in All Entries???

  6. Having some trouble with timeouts when trying to submit, just checking that we still have the submission hour right?

  7. haxxero says:

    Is there some way to report a user? There’s someone just copy pasting their comment onto all entries and promoting themselves basically : / They currently have about 30 coolness points and are at the top of the default page, feels a little cheap : (

  8. PolygonTeam says:

    hi! i can’t to see rate of my game? i mean how people vote

    • PoV says:

      Yes, you can’t see your ratings. It caused hysteria in the past, because without context, they they look especially negative. So we don’t show you your ratings anymore during the event.

  9. PolygonTeam says:

    we found a bug in our game. can we fix it and download new build?

  10. Junber says:

    It should also be noted for people who value giving comments over ratings that the feedback friends site (http://feedback.ld.intricati.com) from last Ludum Dare also works for this LD.

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