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December 10th, 2016 6:16 am

Got up an hour ago. Had some breakfast. Still no idea. 12:00 – LD37 officially starts for me.

Let the Games begin!

— some Greek pre-IOC dude, maybe


Brainstorm Scratchpad:

  • find Hamilton Path type puzzle, with expanded edges so instead of filling a room, you need to find a room that fills an area
  • build rooms from some kind of tiles
  • tile an entire room with one type of colour tiles, have some rules how they switch (I mostly hate these games)
  • some silly wordplay on the German “Raum”, because I want to make a space game
  • Escape Room Game
  • Reverse Escape Room Game (build a room people need to escape)
  • Text Adventure in a single room
  • One Room Roguelike: You are chained to a fixed position and the dungeon keeps throwing stuff at you
  • room memory
  • perspective game (box shaped room has six sides, turn around to switch dimensions, think fez, but more boring)
  • a room with some kind of maze around it, that always leads back
  • fill a room with something
  • build rooms out of tetris block type room segments (no way, I’m NOT building a Tetris for a game jam)
  • what happens when you interpolate a perspective frustum into an orthographic viewing volume?
  • yes, that last one wasn’t really a game idea, rather a technical idea
  • and Discover Trance Radio┬áis on like 15 minutes and it’s already rawking awesome <3 <3 <3

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