Roughly 24 hours into LD37…

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December 10th, 2016 8:56 pm

I think I’m finished with the programming. Moving onto art now.

Looking at the theme, I immediately thought of gameplay inside a confined space like a food truck or an RV. After thinking for a few hours, this is what I got: a nasi lemak truck hawker simulator. Why nasi lemak? Because I’m Malaysian, and I love those nasi lemak that come with side dishes sold by the roadsides. Used to buy those almost every morning. Also, I figured that this idea might be unique because it’s focused on a particular culture.

I figure the art part might be hell, though. 1 sprite for each component in the nasi lemak, and there are 10 of them (well, plus rice, but I figure that rice is a little hard to put into numbers, so I put rice out, but I still need to draw rice).

For those unfamiliar with nasi lemak, it’s rice cooked in coconut milk (plus ginger and screwpine leaves for better taste), with sambal (sauce made from dried chilli peppers, tomatoes, shrimp paste, onions & garlic, sometimes mixed with fried anchovies), fried anchovies (dried), hard-boiled eggs, roasted peanuts & sliced cucumbers. That’s the traditional one. At some stalls, you can add more stuff, like fried chicken, vegetable stew, cockle sambal or fried egg. What you can add depends on the hawker.

Nasi Lemak in Progress

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