One room, two game ideas, two mockups

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December 10th, 2016 10:39 am

I’ve spent the morning and early afternoon coming up with ideas and so far these two seem to have sticked around. Please take into account that the screenshots below correspond to super rough mockups built from external images only to have a clear picture of how to represent interaction and things like that (I used the tiles from for the first one, plus some quick hue shift)

The first one will be a puzzle game where you need to alter the room to lead the character to the goal (and avoid potential traps)
First idea: build a path to help the character reach the goal

And for the second one you will play the role of an interior decorator. Your customers will arrive with certain demands (and, potentially, a limited budget) and you’ll have to satisfy them the best possible way (and maximise your profit to increase your pool of available furniture). The trick is that you won’t be free to choose any particular piece of furniture. On any turn you’ll be given two cards from your starting deck and you’ll need to choose one of them (heavily inspired by Reigns). Once you’ve placed the piece of furniture inside the room you get to decide if you want to keep rolling for a chance of increased rewards/score (or losing the client because the room is left in an inconsistent state) or to deliver the room in its current state.



So now the problem is…which one to choose?

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