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December 10th, 2016 7:26 am

OK so I’ve managed to whittle my ideas down from 7 possibilities to just 3… well 4 if you count 2 mechanically different versions of the same idea.

It’s still quite a lot but I’m thinking most of the ideas share enough in common that if I choose one of those and find it less than fun to make/play I could probably switch to another.

The ideas are:

Space Dock Controller

V1. Handle requests for docking to avoid ships crashing and make sure they can fit in their designated dock

V2. Handle requests for boarding in a similar style to Papers Please

OK. Just decided on getting rid of one, the idea and mechanics weren’t really gelling.

Mundane Life of a Space Hauler Captain

You’re locked in your life-cabin cockpit, a living room sized space. Basically a very simple Elite Dangerous where you can get up out of the seat but you still can’t leave.

EDIT: Just realised V1 of the Space Dock Controller is literally simulating the life of the people that grant docking permission in Elite Dangerous. I guess I have ED drilling its way out of my head for some reason.

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