First version is ready!

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December 10th, 2016 3:38 pm


I finally got my multiplayer system to work, movement synchronization works great, casting spells at other players damages them as expected, I eventually got rid of an icky bug I had, and the game is ready to be played!


It’s kinda boring… The game works perfectly, but the game mechanics are still a bit lame… I still have to add cool stuff, super attacks, defenses, power-ups, special FX, etc. in order to make the game actually interesting.

This time (in contrast to #LD36), I’m trying to stop myself from making an ambitious, storyline based, long game, and to make a simpler yet cool & fun game.

The idea :

the cursed toys from little Anne’s bedroom arise at nights. But, toys have their life-time, and when their inner clock shows that their time is over, they die, and, eventually, are thrown to the garbage bins. But the cursed toys are evil. They have the power to steal more time from others, using spells and curses. At night, you play a toy in Anne’s room, and you fight other toys in order to survive for as long as you can.


I hope this idea will attract players, and that the game actually succeeds, so, wish me good luck!

1st day is over for me, so I’m going to take a shower and go to sleep (to be more productive tomorrow).



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  1. sn0uk says:

    Will you be able to get a server up for when judging happens?

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