Even with time travel powers, our poor cute ninja robot of death can’t seem to catch a break. Here in the future he is accosted by an unruly soldier, so as he flips between the past and the future to overcome his path he finds that perhaps the Jurassic era is not so safe, either.

Can you tell which one of the sprites has been drawn by the artist, and the others by me? 😀


A nice little gif of our progress for today. SmartWill has clocked out for now, but I’ll be continuing after dinner, for a little while. Loving the ideas, as usual. Come say hi, if we stream (which we do, on and off)! Apologies for the low frame rate, file sizes and the like.

Me: https://www.twitch.tv/kappa_barsavi

Artist (SmartWilliam): https://www.twitch.tv/rainbowinspector



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