Woo, I’m in!

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December 9th, 2016 1:37 pm

I'm in!

Hello, fellow developers! 


I had to skip the previous LD, but this time I’m definitely in!

This is going to be my 7th ludum dare. And it’s going to be pretty unusual!

Not only I live in a completely different city now, no longer with parents, but I also have my semester exams soon!

Maybe I should be preparing to them instead, but who cares about the exams, the LD is more important! ­čśŤ
(And I’m planning to succeed on them too anyway.)


On the 35th LD I made a wonderful thing called Duality. It got #7 overall and #4 innovation, which was a complete success!

Compare that to my first LD game which got #565 overall and #385 mood. I personally call that a pretty nice improvement.

Oh I would be so happy to beat that result!


Let’s hope that my new┬ácircumstances, the future exams and skipped LD won’t decrease the quality of the upcoming game.

And let’s hope that I didn’t forget anything improtant since the 35th LD. ­čśŤ


Obligatory “stuff I’m going to use” list:

  • CodeBlocks & MinGW – the IDE & compiler
  • My own fancy homemade C++/SDL/OpenGL engine. (this version started 1.5 years ago, now it’s almost 10k lines of code, woo!)
  • Paint.NET – the graphical editor
  • Krita – the auxiliary graphical editor (it works so good with the graphical tablet)
  • Audacity – the audio editor
  • SFXR – the sound effects editor (a bit retro, but Audacity equalizer should fix it)
  • SunVox – the sequencer (it has nice echo & reverb, they make anything sound like a fancy ambient)
  • LMMS – the backup sequencer (not really, it’s just a source of nice samples which do a good job as a game sounds)


I’d like write a longer and more fancy “I’m in” post, but my engine 3D renderer is not fully ready yet! ;_;


Good luck to all of us!

Let’s see how it will go.

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