Ludum Dare 37’s Theme: One room


So, a last minute call: We’ll be submitting games on LDJAM.COM, but as most people are already doing, you should make your progress blog posts here on LUDUMDARE.COM.

Blogging on the new site wont be ready immediately at the start. So rather than over-complicating things, lets use WordPress for the one thing it DOES do well: Blogs. :)

We will be doing the Theme Announcement over there (and on IRC and Twitter). So yeah, do visit the site at the start. Lets see if it goes down for a few minutes, like it always does. 😉

Standard Ludum Dare Rules apply: we have the 72 hour Jam for everyone (solo and teams), and the classic 48 hour solo Compo event.

Judging WILL NOT be starting after the event ends, but it will be starting a few days later: on Friday December 16th. Yes, this not ideal, and a bit janky. But I hope you’d agree late judging is better than no judging. If it is ready early, it will start early. That said, expect Judging on Friday.

Follow the Twitter or join the Mailing List to get notified exactly when Judging starts.

If you’re having problems with either site, reach out to me.

22 Responses to “EDIT: Change of plan, see other post. was “Submit your game on LDJAM.COM, Post blogs on LUDUMDARE.COM””

  1. AAGH Games says:

    As long as we’re going to be posting our progress updates here, can we get an “LD #37” category to do it in, just for clarity’s sake?

  2. ratking says:

    It would also be cool if the current keynote would find its place on the old site (here), just to be respectful to the creator.

  3. MEITdev says:

    So… I can submit posts for review with the LD #37 category, yes? :) (Sorry for being a potato but this is my first LD ever!)

    • PoV says:

      Ah sorry. This old site has a feature where someone needs to approve you (as a real human) before you are allowed to publish posts. I’ll go double check, and make sure you’re approved. Sorry about that.

  4. oxysoft says:

    Why does the new website still not have blog posts? Not to disrespect you work or anything, but how long can it take to implement blog posts? Sounds like a feature that could be added in 2 days by a motivated programmer

    • PoV says:

      It has them (notice all my blogs), but:

      * Embedding images is broken (plus they do need to be HTTPS, which can be a problem for some people)
      * Image Uploading isn’t available (it should be this weekend, but just for game submissions)
      * Post feeds, the way they work still needs to be added to all appropriate subsections (User pages, Game pages, Event pages, Subscriptions, etc).
      * Other bugs in the markup.
      * No autosave.
      * Post revisions and patching, while supported, I haven’t even started on the UI for it.
      * A potential serious bug with login persistence, that may cause people to lose their posts before they finish typing them.

      To name a few. But more importantly:

      * People have already started blogging here.

      As it stands, WordPress has better blogging support than my new website. That will change, but not before the weekend ends.

      Between helping people get their accounts and submissions working, and replying to people (like this), I’m not going to have as much time as I would like to finish/polish these features as I’m going to need this weekend. I could actually get it going, but I’m also concerned about problems that I haven’t thought of.

      It will go smoother, and everyone will lose less data if we do it this way.

      At least this way, if we’ve decided not to do blogging on the site during Ludum Dare 37, I can focus on making submissions work as well as possible. Honestly, that’s a way better use of time. Blogging can be done any time, but submitting games only really happens during a Ludum Dare.

  5. Great news about new site!

    Two little notes:
    1. link is 404.

    2. Better link is
    Since it’s a page of one user. :)

    • PoV says:

      2. We still need to move the site here to Internally it’s the users node, a node where all users are created under (nodes must have a unique parent and name). It’s used to view the personal blog posts of all users (which is not the same thing as a game progress blogs). When the move happens, `/users/` will probably be replaced with `/u/`, and `/events/` with `/e/`, among others in the root.

      The urls are alpha-test URLS. Hopefully the internet doesn’t get too attached to them (as they did with, but the /compo/ does make redirecting them easy). But since we’re using so little of the site tree right now, fixing it (with an internal symlink) wont be hard.

  6. AcuadoyStudios says:

    where can I submit my game on the new page??
    please send me a link to the page or will that option only be available soon, cause I can’t find it?
    Please answer as fast as possible!

  7. KJB of IBwWG says:

    I hate to bug PoV right now if I’m the only one, but any reason I wouldn’t be able to post on the home page like everyone else? This is my first LD proper–before that I only did the miniLD once, but I did submit a game. I’m not sure if I blogged before. I am logged in with the account I used to submit the miniLD game. It tells me: “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.” on a mostly unstyled page, when I click “+ New post”. Anyone else having this? I’ll just tweet instead for now, no biggie, just wondering.

  8. atomicfabrik says:

    Hi, i just wanted to ask when we will be able to submit our games
    And there will be available 2 sections,like COMPO and JAM and i will must just to choose for example the category COMPO and after this upload game or how?

  9. PoV says:

    Hi folks! Sorry for the delay.

    I will have basic submissions up shortly. I’m just wrapping it up now.

    It’s not a great submission form, but it’s enough to get started. Seems like if something can go wrong, it will. 😉

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