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December 9th, 2016 10:40 pm

Okay so been playing around with a couple of ideas and well I have chosen to make my game in Game Maker Studio: Professional.

For my graphics I will be using a mixture of the image editor in Game Maker and Photoshop CS6.

I haven’t really gotten round to what i’m going to use for sounds.

So now that my software usages are out the way time for a sneak peak at my idea.

Okay so RPG games are my life and they are what I aim to make in the future. So for my idea I am going to make a small RPG game taking a little inspiration from Gauntlet.

The game is going to be called Goblin’s Bounty and is basically about going and killing goblins. Through progression through the game the player will then face off with the goblin king where its either game over or you win the game.

I’m not entirely sure how I want the winning scenario to play out just yet but I’m sure ill think of something.

So time to start hitting the programming and getting some game mechanics in place. Graphics will then be added and then i can start working on some epic sounds for it!

Hope everyone is having fun with their own projects and again, best of luck to everyone!

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