I’m in! for the first time! +first post

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December 9th, 2016 10:01 am



Gonna be participating and streaming :) This is not only my first LD, but first ‘game jam’ event of any kind I’ve participated ever!


Might be using Python if I get py2exe/pyinstaller/similar cooperating before LD starts. Right now generated .exe throws arbitrary errors and I am having hard time pinpointing the problem.


If I dont get it solved, then I’ll be using Haxe, which I already have work ready & stable. Might go with Haxe also because I have been using it far longer than Python.


Oh well, back to doing LD preparations!-Fixxel

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  1. Decentsauce says:

    Are you using Python2 or Python3? Personally I used Python2 for my LD34 entry and I compiled my game with py2exe but if you are using Python 3 you might have a look at Cx_freeze.

    What I did with py2exe was:
    -Make a script that uses py2exe to compile your script
    -Run the compiler script through cmd
    -Place all images and music files in the root of the map that is made

    Also this video helped me a lot when I was fixing the compiling errors: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PknLFOH9OIM

  2. Decentsauce says:

    Also, good luck!

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