I’m in! (and with a friend!)

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December 9th, 2016 3:55 pm

Tally ho!

I’ve returned for my seventh Ludum Dare and, ooh isn’t this an exciting one? A new site! Fancy that!

So much in my life has changed since the last one. I’m now a student, living in digs and living it up. I’ve acquired new skills and met new people. Life’s good!
The one thing I haven’t done, is learned Unity yet.

So, like I say every time, it’s back to using GameMaker Studio. I have, in fairness, begun to learn the ins and outs of Unity, but not enough yet to make something substantial. Next time, I swear it.

Joining me, is my friend, SmartWilliam, artist extraordinaire. We collaborated last time and it went swimmingly, so this time it’ll hopefully be even better!

I am super hyped for this one, since I’m living alone now I might stream it! Then as soon as the Ludum Dare is over, I’m going home for the holidays. Very happy.
Good luck, and see you all tomorrow!


Here’s a terrible graphic that I didn’t make, rather it was made using a generator:


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