I’ll be making a game with Tilt Brush + Unity

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December 9th, 2016 11:08 am

So I got a Vive a couple of weeks ago and the app I was looking most forward to use was Tilt Brush. I think VR has a massive potential not just to play games in but also to use it to make games. So that’s why I have decided that I’ll make all the art for my LD entry in Tilt Brush and import it into Unity. I have already run a pipeline test and it’s fairly easy to get an FBX from Tilt Brush you can import into the engine.

A Tilt Brush sketch imported into Unity

A Tilt Brush sketch imported into Unity

Google has even provided shader code you can use in Unity, of course since Tilt Brush is made in Unity why they don’t just release the textures, materials and shaders are beyond me. As it is many of the brushes such as the more effect based ones don’t render correctly so I might have to code some more shaders during the jam.

So what kind of game do I want to make? No clue! I’m looking forward to hear the theme :)

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