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December 9th, 2016 8:41 pm

Ludum Dare Streaming Bot
I made this app for myself to make it easier to stream myself playing others’ Ludum Dare Games during the voting phase. I had a few people ask if they could use it, so I rebuilt it into a more user-friendly version.

How does it work?

The app is fairly straightforward: Upon opening it, you’ll be asked to login to your Twitch account, so it can connect to your channel’s chat. It will then start reading chat. Anytime a viewer posts a link to a LD game, it will automatically add it to the queue on the right. You can drag and drop to move the entries around if you’d like. The player controls at the bottom allow you to cycle through the games. The “Play” button will automatically open the current game in your default web browser.


You can download the app for PC, Mac, or Linux here. Please read the “Other things” section before using. Thank you for helping me improve the app!

Other things

  • The bottom “controls” section is not to be shown on stream. The app resolution is 3:2, but if you only include the top section, it should fit a 16:9 resolution perfectly.
  • The green boxes are to be keyed out. The most common streaming applications (OBS, XSplit) have chroma key options that will allow you to easily remove the green, and show the game/camera layer behind it.
  • The small green box in the lower right is for a webcam, but it can be hidden in the “settings” panel.
  • The app, by default, is set to only accept and open LD36 games. However, you can easily change this in the “settings” panel.
  • The app has only been tested on PC. Please let me know if you’re able to test it on Mac or Linux.


If you try using the app, I would really appreciate your feedback. What features would you like to see added? Is the interface easy to use? What can I improve on?

Also, I did my best to fix all the bugs I could find, but you know how it is… if you find any bugs, please let me know.


You can contact me on this post, or by email ( with any questions, feedback, or bug reports. Thanks again for your help! I hope you find the app useful.

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