We’re runinng Ludum Dare 37 on LDJAM.com

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November 28th, 2016 12:00 am

Hi everyone!


Hopefully that clears up some of the confusion.

We’re going to try and run Ludum Dare 37 on the new website. So we don’t break the internet (i.e. links), and in case something bad happens (an outage, crash, or some such), we’re doing the test on a different server: ldjam.com

The website is early alpha quality. I’ve disabled anything that’s unfinished or not ready, and will be rolling out additional features as they’re become ready. We’re doing a little bit at a time, and just enough to run an event. Have patience. :)

Visit ldjam.com to learn more, to create your account, and to take part in Theme Selection. Suggestions Open!

If you run in to any problems, you can contact me, or leave a comment below.

Previous Alpha Testing post: here

95 Responses to “We’re runinng Ludum Dare 37 on LDJAM.com”

  1. Jadernak says:

    Will it be possible to change username at some point? I’ve made an account (Listonos) only to realize I use different nick for Ludum dare (Jadernak) :(

    • PoV says:

      Yes, you will eventually be able to change your username. You will also be able to recover any name that you (currently) don’t have access to the e-mail for. If you’re one of those people that has 2 accounts, you’ll be able to merge them as well. These features I’ve grouped together under migration, which will be coming next year.

      The goal right now is to run an event on the new website. Judging might start a day or two late, but the plan is to run a full proper Ludum Dare, start to finish.

      We’ll be making Teams this time as well. Each member of your team should make accounts, and all your progress blog posts will be grouped together under the same game. Come next year, one of your team members should import your teams game(s), and then they can add the rest of you team to the game(s).

      • Jadernak says:

        Thanks for the info and all the hard work PoV <3

      • Gravity Games says:

        Is there anything I need to prepare in advance for the migration as someone who registered for the new site under a different name? (Used my current company and twitter name “Impossible Realms” instead of the now outdated “Gravity Games”)

        • PoV says:

          Nothing particularly.

          The way it’s going to work: Legacy data is tied to e-mail addresses. Punch in an e-mail address (or original user name), and it sends an e-mail with a special activation link. You click that link, follow a few on screen prompts, and that confirms the address and account belonging to you. Magic happens, your account gets more games.

          If your e-mail address is dead, there will be a slightly more lengthy process. Over a period of about 1 or 2 weeks, we send out a series of e-mails checking anybody is there. In nobody responds (or the e-mails bounce), we’ll consider the account orphaned. After that, we give it to whomever does the best job of convincing us it belongs to them (which more than likely will only ever be one person, and them saying “hey, that was mine”). 😉

          On the new site you’ll eventually be able to change your username, and change your e-mail address as much as you like. But changing your username comes with a consequence: it means URLs to your personal pages change. Under certain special circumstances, I can set up a redirect from an old name to a new name, but there needs to be a very good reason for this (a legal name change, for example).

  2. someone says:

    Hows the password reset coming on? I just get Error: Unauthorized when I try to log in. Either I managed to make the exact same unreproducible typo in the password fields or there is something broken.

  3. joe40001 says:

    Not enough people say it, and I haven’t said it enough, but PoV, so many many people are appreciative for all you do. LudumDare is such an important thing for so many people, and yet most people take it for granted. So just know that all the work you do really truly means a lot for lots of people, newbies and pros alike.

    So on behalf of everybody, thank you.

  4. CustomPhase says:

    And what about this site? Will this one still be existing? Or all our previous games/participations will be gone? Really disappointed that all the accounts/comments/previous jams werent transfered to the new one.

  5. Cube_ says:

    ” For now we’ve reserved your username ”
    How’s that going to work? (can migrated accounts even log in at this point since their data hasn’t been transferred? I wager not) It said _ was an invalid character when I made a placeholder account (same name, just no underscore)

    • PoV says:

      I dumped a list of every user that submitted a game. From that, I took your username (some users had two usernames, thanks WordPress), and created a database table of username and email pairs.

      So when you create an account (yes, everyone is creating new accounts), I do a lookup. If your activation e-mail matches what’s in the “reserved” list, you have permission to use that name.

      Your other data will be migrated later.

    • PoV says:

      As for the underscore, account names currently can’t end or begin with a symbol, so that’s probably what it didn’t like. That said, it would have reserved “cube” (no underscore) for you.

      • Cube_ says:

        well, I haven’t submitted any games so it’s probably not reserved – but I tried Cube_1 to see if that would fail, it still failed (can’t begin with uppercase?), I suppose it doesn’t matter because I just manually created cube (which sucks because that’s one more name to remember, and I like the stylization of _)

        • PoV says:

          Okay, I removed the stylizing restriction on symbols at the beginning and end of names (_.-). Account names still ignore them.

          I went ahead and modified your account. Your account name is still ‘cube’, but it’s displayed as ‘Cube_’. You should be able to log in as either (it knows to convert ‘Cube_’ in to ‘cube’).


          I’m not entirely sure why it said no to Cube_1. That should have worked fine.

  6. berkano says:

    Hey PoV thanks for your work on the new site so far, really excited for LD37!

    I noticed that one of the links is not working at https://ldjam.com/public-alpha-test-welcome/ -> “Discussion Thread (until Comments go live)” i.e. this page :-) Cheers!

  7. Beakytronic says:

    Yay! I hope the new site will work out well. Thanks for all your work putting these things on!

  8. MiniBobbo says:

    I inadvertently tested the reserved username feature by trying to activate my account with the wrong email address. It denied me until I typed the correct one. So that is working nicely!

    After that small hiccup I was able to create my new account, sign in and suggest some themes with no problems. Looking good so far!

  9. TerraCottaFrog says:

    Am I the only one bothered by the fact that the Ludum Dare joystick seems to be absent from the new site? 😛

  10. jellonator says:

    I’m having an issue adding my account, I can’t log in to ldjam because my username is ‘reserved.’ I tried changing my ludumdare email to my current one (my old one was a yahoo I account I haven’t touched in several years), and it still doesn’t work.

  11. rogual says:

    It seems the new site requires Javascript to display anything at all, even just some blog posts.

  12. CyberStarLight says:

    When is the Theme Slaughter supposed to begin? I already added my suggestions.

  13. rjhelms says:

    How long is “keep me logged in” supposed to last? It works, but my login doesn’t seem to persist nearly as long on ldjam.com as it does on this site – not sure if that’s on purpose.

    • PoV says:

      Not on purpose. It’s a bug. Persistence might unfortunately be a problem that sticks with us through Ludum Dare 37. I made a mistake with how I did it. It’s functional, but not ideal. It’s going to take a much more relaxed Mike to fix it properly. 😉

  14. jnharton says:

    Ew, yuck. I sure hope it’s an improvement, because new+different does not necessarily mean better.

  15. Druid says:

    Hi Pow! New site looks amazing, but i have bad eyesight and that font is really hard to read for me :( . Is possible to make font more bold?

  16. TerraCottaFrog says:

    Please add a focus state or a keyboard shortcut to the theme slaughter buttons. I try to use my mouse as little a possible especially with repetitive tasks, and it’s bothering me 😛

    Also, accessibility is important

    And it is literally a 30 second process at most if the code isn’t weird

    • PoV says:

      There is a keyboard bug caused by some of the dialog code that’s preventing some things (arrow keys) from working right, so I’ve been putting it off until I get time to fix that.

      Accessibility is absolutely important, but a functional website is more important. 😉

  17. AgentParsec says:

    Site doesn’t seem to work properly for me in IE, but I can open it in Chrome.

  18. TerraCottaFrog says:

    Odd bug. The calendar seems to be off by a month:

    Not really a big deal but its there

  19. tmpxyz says:

    POV, Many thanks for your great work and efforts :)

  20. yolgie says:

    Hi, what will be the exact schedule (not only dates, but times with a timezone) of LD37

  21. Aurel Bílý says:

    I don’t mean to sound completely negative … But I think this has to be said.

    It is the fifth of December. LD is in four days. Meanwhile, the site might as well be a static front page with a theme slaughter feature. It’s nice that you took a break from the last LD to work on the new site. I don’t think everybody agreed with the decision but luckily the competition happened anyway, albeit without voting.

    As far as I can see, you have nothing to show for the break. Not testing the blog features with logins? Profile pages? Theme voting still not online? Game submission? Search by name, category, platform? Voting on various categories? Publishing results? Where is all that? Even if you somehow managed to do all of that, the website will inevitably die when thousands of people try to use it at the same time. Not necessarily because of the performance, but because of the hundreds of bugs they will discover. What are you planning to do in case something happens to delete the database? Was your schedule so tight and precise that a little delay caused you to miss the warmup weekend?

    Or is it the case that you are just missing all the deadlines by a ton?

    Now looking through the ludumdare github repository, especially the ‘CORE’ issues …


    This is ridiculous. None of the crucial features are actually implemented.

    • mao says:

      Rebuilding a website from scratch takes time. If you look at the commit logs, you’ll see he’s basically been working non-stop for like a month. Of course, the deadline is quickly approaching, and the theme voting was supposed to happen yesterday… But we’ve done impressive things in 48 hours, haven’t we?

      • Aurel Bílý says:

        I am painfully aware of that.

        I think what I was trying to say is that he should admit all of this is not gonna work out within 4 days. It should have been complete well in advance, in order to properly test it before trying to run a full competition on the new platform. What is the backup plan? Panic and start using the old version 2 hours before the deadline, when massive numbers of games start flooding in?

        • ajayajayaj says:

          This kind of negativity does not help anything. What’s wrong with him skipping one LD?

        • Linear says:

          For the record, I agree with your sentiment. The last Ludum Dare was not judged because he was working on the new site. This Ludum Dare is going to be “experimental” because he’s still working on the new site. There were six months in between, and the donations going to LD have been in the order of $2000-$3000 per month, which I assume was going toward funding the creating of the new site. At this point there has been plenty of time and money spent on this effort, and we should have a lot more than we currently do to show for it.

          I understand it is what it is, but if the new site is not ready, it’s not ready. Let’s not use it until it’s ready. Let’s use the one we have, which we’ve tested, load-tested, and all of the features work. At this point it feels like we’re the involuntary alpha testers of a half-finished site rewrite. Some of us take this competition pretty seriously and if uploading or judging is delayed or problematic, that’s a bigger issue than “the Ludum Dare site needs a revamp”.

          • ajayajayaj says:

            First, he is only getting under 1300$ of his 3000$ goal. And I think there might be some other problem on this site, because PoV really didn’t want the old site to have ratings last time, and I definitely want ratings this time.

            • Aurel Bílý says:

              That’s a terrible defence. I can’t deny Mike’s contribution to the LD community, but thousands per month would be a very over-priced maintenance fee. The donations were supposed to pay him for creating the new website. A year later we don’t even have the bare minimum for LD 37.

              I’m sure he realises this as well, but having a single point of failure for the entire LD is asking for trouble. He’s helped the LD community thrive by supporting and fixing up the site for years. Nonetheless, if we start skipping judgement phases or entire LD’s, it hurts the community. Why don’t we try itch.io when the alpha version seems incomplete?

              • ajayajayaj says:

                Itch.io would be a big problem because it would fragment the LD community. I think running LD on itch.io would do more bad then good, I agree that it could be a bad thing for the community to run an LD that I’d experimental, or without ratings (I definitely wanted to have ratings last time), but now that the decision has already been made, I think we should just try to help PoV to finish the website, instead of criticizing his every move.

    • PoV says:

      I wont lie. Like I said, it’s going to be tight. This weekend especially I had some unexpected flooding. That definitely threw a wrench in to my weekend plans.

      The point of what I’m trying to do here is to Battle Test as much of the website as I can, in anticipation of our 15th anniversary next year, and to get us away from WordPress as soon as possible. It is rough, but that’s just how things are.

      At an absolute minimum, all we really need to run a Ludum Dare is the ability to Submit games. I am trying to push that a lot further, and it has really helped (before this, I had no idea how super-important the mobile site was). The more breadth of stuff I can have you all test in live Ludum Dare conditions, the better. Yes the buglist is long, but a lot of that is “hey I’ve learned this is an issue, so fix that later”. The new site is architected to do a lot of things, and yes, though we wont see posting tools, tagging, or importing games right away, it’s designed with a lot of this in mind.

      Have patience. This probably wont be the best Ludum Dare event we run, but it’s a stepping stone towards that.

  22. psypol says:

    For those who didn’t noticed the themes for 1st round are visible:

  23. Valandre says:

    hi !
    I’m having an issue adding my account.
    On step2 when clicking “Create account” button, it returns : Error: Unable to add node !

  24. deepnight says:

    I only get a “Unable to add node” error when creating my account from the link sent to my email. I cannot continue :(

  25. rjhelms says:

    Second round of theme voting is up per PoV’s twitter, but I don’t see a link to it on ldjam.com.


  26. Louspirit says:

    OMG seems that theme vote is down !

  27. Avant-Marde says:

    Thought I’d point out that round 3’s “parallel worlds” is a near-duplicate of LD30’s winning theme “connected worlds”.

    • Avant-Marde says:

      Oh, and “wait, are we the bad guys?” is basically the same as “you are the monster” which was the theme of an even more recent LD.

      • Stuntddude says:

        They’re different enough I wouldn’t consider them duplicates. “Parallel” is not at all a synonym of “connected”, and I’d say there are meaningful differences between a “monster” and a “bad guy?”. The ideas and imagery that each theme conjures for me are different.

  28. Linear says:

    How are we supposed to make our “I’m in” posts? The new site doesn’t appear to support making new posts yet. Should we make our “I’m in” posts on the old site?

  29. wizord says:

    Is there a way to use our current acounts on the new website

    • TerraCottaFrog says:

      Create an account with your current username on the new site. Be sure to use the same email as your account on the original website.

      Your username is reserved. Data will be migrated at a later date.

  30. Karatorian says:

    So this is to say I’m in and will be posting my base code soom. Woohoo!

  31. anatolat says:

    Any keynote for this event?

    PS: To be honest I don’t think it’s a good idea to run the competition on unfinished site. Why not run it on an old site this time? Just my opinion. Although I hope it will be fine.

  32. graceavery says:

    I’m glad that LD will be happening, but it’s disappointing that for 2 events in a row, there will be no voting system. I know that you’re on it and putting it together (which I do appreciate!) but sportsmanship and self-challenge aside, rating games is a huge part of LD and a huge part of what makes the competition fun and serious for myself and other participants. I really hope the rating system will be figured out by the next event! But either way, thank you for your hard work.

    • rjhelms says:

      My understanding is that there will be ratings for this event, just that voting will start a little late: instead of starting as soon as games are submitted, voting will start some time next week.

  33. AcuadoyStudios says:

    Sorry that I’m asking but its my first time.
    Is this now a competion for teams or can I take part as a single person?
    Please answer as fast as possible!

    • TerraCottaFrog says:

      The current rules page (found in the right column of this site, not the new one) is still accurate. Read that for all the information you need.

  34. The new “site” looks like an okay start, but it definitely doesn’t look ready for Ludum Dare this weekend. The excuses are getting old, and honestly this whole thing seems to be a scam to get Patreon donations. By comparison, the “Feedback Friends” site was much more complete and put together in a fraction of the time. Hopefully, I’m mistaken and I’ll be completely “wowed” by the rest of the site during the submission/voting process. I love competing in Ludum Dare and I would hate to see it come to an end because of this.


    • ajayajayaj says:

      I think most of the work is on the back end, making it extendable easily. I think/hope that’s why it looks like it’s in the state it’s in. But, you bring up a good point with feedback friends. That was really complete for the time it took compared to this. I never thought of that.

    • eric777 says:

      I’ve gotta disagree on the value we get from PoV. By hook or by crook we’ve had every event available to us for many years (and thanks also to Sorceress and others for LD36). While I’m sure PoV greatly values the Patreon money, it’s really not all that much money last I checked, and so his dev time remains largely in the realm of donation/labor-of-love. Certainly not “scam” by any stretch.

      From what I’ve understood of the new system, I very much doubt you’ll be wowed by lots of last minute features coming together. I expect it’ll be a pretty buggy, bare-bones experience and we’ll all have to cut it some big slack. But it will be judged as I understand (if not a bit late), and it’ll be off the wordpress site. It may even have team and friend/follow features from what I read.

      PoV has set our expectations low for this maiden voyage. But regardless of how bare-bones the first run is, just launching it means it only gets better from here. That makes me really excited.

  35. AcuadoyStudios says:

    Hey is there a rules page I cant find it.
    Pls answer and send me a link to it.
    Im not the best at finding things

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