GameMaker development on Linux?

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November 8th, 2016 11:45 am

I’m taking a poll to see who wants Linux port for the GameMaker Studio 2 IDE. YoYoGames are not currently planning on releasing one (although they had announced a few years ago that they would be). They’re not against supporting GameMaker on Linux, but only if they see interest and demand for it. Voting in the poll will help.  The poll will close later today, so there’s not much time left if you want to participate in it.

The Poll

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3 Responses to “GameMaker development on Linux?”

  1. SamuelSousa says:

    I’ve been making games on Mac for years waiting for a release or update…
    I am going windows in the future :)

    • csanyk says:

      @SamuelSousa they’re releasing a Mac OS X port of GMS2; their current roadmap has that targeted for Q3 2017. Most Mac users run GMS on Parallels. I can’t say that I would ever recommend Microsoft again after the shit they pulled trying to get users to adopt Windows 10 against their will. My goal is to get off of Microsoft forever and GameMaker is the last app that I can’t run on Linux. I’m not too crazy about Apple these days, either, so I really want a Linux port!

  2. Daid says:

    Most likely they will ignore your poll as it has a clear bias towards the “yes” vote, and is actively recruiting for yes votes.

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