Cube Rampage (Updated! – Early Access 11 Levels)

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November 1st, 2016 5:01 pm

Hi! finally i added an Early Access builds with 11 playable levels. You can play the one level public version online(HTML5) or download  for Win/mac/Linux.

Here a gif with the last game visuals:

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Here a youtube videos featuring the 11 playable levels(from 50 total when it’s done) in the Early Access:

Hope you like it! 😉 .

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7 Responses to “Cube Rampage (Updated! – Early Access 11 Levels)”

  1. CoderJoe says:

    Neat! But looks like there is a typo. It should be “shots” not “shoots”

  2. Wan says:

    The game looks awesome and plays nicely, nice work with the crazy FX!

    I took me something like 20 attempts to beat the first level x)

    • Matriax says:

      Haha, well the public version have an intermediate level. Have an enemy, boxes and lasers that needs to be destroyed. In the final version the first level is very basic to learn how to play 😉 .

      • Wan says:

        Oh that’s reassuring 😛

        You might want to make it more explicit to avoid frightening off the more casual gamers! Maybe you could show it unlocked at its “real place”, like only the level 15 is unlocked or something.

  3. lightsoda says:

    This looks very cool, but I have no idea how to play and not enough time to figure that out right now (lunch break). Best of luck with this, it’s come along nicely.

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