Hello everyone! I’ve been very busy this month, but in the past couple of days I finally managed to implement ramps into my 3d physics engine. This took me far too long, but it’s very important for the map flow. Below is a screenshot of the demo level – the light gray represents a bridge/road; the gray is the ground; the blue, a river; and the the tan, dirt paths running up from the river banks to the road.


Yeah, yeah, it’s ugly! Graphics are on the list, right after weapons. What’s important is that units can now pass over and under that bridge, along with having some nice, smooth, only-slightly-buggy ramps to get them up to it (GIFs after the jump!):

Over and under the bridge

Off the bridge and up the ramp

So, that’s basically it! Next on the checklist is: Adding weapons and combat, particle effects, a state manager for menu/game transitions, AI and scripting, dynamic lighting, and, possibly, online play. Easy!

On a more personal note, life has been kind of difficult for me lately. There’s lots of reasons for this, but I want the community’s feedback on one thing in particular, which is – ironically – how do you maintain your communities and connections? Ludum Dare is a great example; even though I’ve been participating since, at the end of the month, 2011 – that’s five years – I wouldn’t say I have strong roots here. In those five years, I’ve had a lot of other interests (where I have also successfully not develop community connections), and life has cropped up in many ugly ways. So, community members, I guess my question is, what makes you belong? And how do I be like you?


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