Hey, all! Omiya Games here (or just Taro Omiya). While we’re known for weird experimental games, this month’s challenge submission is Not a Clone. Yes, the new and improved version of Not a Clone, circa 2014. Crazy, no?




What if you were given a backdoor pass to a site filled with the hottest mobile games currently climbing the charts? What if just by playing the games well enough, you were able to earn money to buy even more games? Would you jump at the chance or just let it pass?

Not A Clone is a frantic exercise in quick-thinking and even quicker responding. Featuring over two dozen original and parody micro-games, you must play through them one after another, chaining your successes into the highest score possible for possible fame and prizes. Beat your friends to the top of the leaderboards! Earn Zeni to purchase more games!

You have five seconds to get through each micro-game that is thrown at you by following the instructions that appear on the screen. The further you go, the harder it gets. How long will you last before your device runs out of power? Will you earn enough to unlock your next challenge? Will you know which games are being parodies and which games are not a clone?


appstoreimages01FlappySombreroBig2appstoreimages02MakeMeHappyBig3appstoreimages03Bomb Ninjaappstoreimages04Canabiker3appstoreimages05

Final Notes

Yup, it’s time we take the “marketing” part of October Challenge very seriously. We’re doing everything we can to put our foot into this super-difficult mobile market. If you have any tips or tricks you’d like to share to us, please let us know! And thanks for all the support you’ve given us. Now back to work!

2 Responses to “October 2016 Challenge Submission is…a better version of October 2014 submission?”

  1. Pickens Inc. says:

    If you have any tips, please share! I was so happy after putting a year of work into my mobile game, getting it released back in August, and still having barely made any sales due to not having a clue as to how to market.

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