“Results” for Ludum Dare 36

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September 20th, 2016 2:46 pm

Feedback Friends! results

1910 games have been made during the LD36 jam, and in the weeks that followed, they gathered no less than 18983 19000 comments! Congratulations everyone. While there’s no winner everyone is a winner due to the lack of ratings, we just unlocked for you a couple new ways to browse the LD36 entries:

Browse coolest entries

(gave the most feedback)

Browse most popular entries

(got the most feedback)

Of course you can also still browse games randomly or through the usual Ludum Dare 36 event page.

Dare to play: the best of LD36

Some of our streamers released compilation videos curating their favorite games, go check them out!

Larry Chupacabra

Featured games
Cave (man) Story by Culturebosh_games
On Fire by dietzribi
KMF by godjammit
Channel 83 by S0lll0s
The Late Fee by Hjalte500
Write Only by randomhuman

Molpe the First Siren

Featured games
On Fire by dietzribi
The House Abandon by jon_nocode
The Cave of Wonders by Noval33t
Curious Dinos by RafaSKB
Pyramid by metalhaze
The Polaroid by dissonent
Poramid by unphook
My house is over there by kynninen
Frog Whisperer by felixsoum
Rock ON by terryg



Did you make a best of video/article of your own? Let us know in the comments!

(NB. trophy icons are made by Patacorow)

6 Responses to ““Results” for Ludum Dare 36”

  1. HuvaaKoodia says:

    I really liked the Feedback Friends system. It makes it so easy to find cool entries and keep track of my own comments and feedback.

    The transparency is also quite interesting. The top two most popular entries have a balance of zero, they gave no comments at all!

    Another interesting bit is the difference between my own commenting habits based on the system. In LD35 I gave out 21 comments, here in LD36: 50 comments! Also the verbosity didn’t suffer (2.7/c in both jams).

    Scores? Who needs them?

    • managore says:

      “The top two most popular entries have a balance of zero, they gave no comments at all!”

      I feel really bad about this. I’ve been moving house and haven’t had much access to the internet, but I still could’ve easily put some time into leaving comments on games I played. I’m going to try and make up for it next LD!

  2. oskardevelopment says:

    Thanks for the Feedback Friends! I received more comments (and the comments were more constructive) than of any earlier Ludum Dare, and I had more players than of any earlier Ludum Dare (usually the ones playing were far less than the amount of votes I got), with Feedback Friends I now got more than twice the amount of players than comments (as of yet 119 plays)!

    So thanks, I liked the new system! :)

  3. SamuelSousa says:

    Thanks for adding my list to your post.
    I did try to post it here nice and clean but my html/ccs skills let me down.

  4. McFunkypants says:

    Thanks so much Wan and Sorceress for all your hard work making LD36 a huge success.

    You ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Feedback Friends do enhanced both number and quality of comments indeed! But I still miss some scores ) It’s good to know how people rate your entry, what they found good and bad. Of course, all this can be expressed in comments, but you know, sometimes it’s easier to make just a few clicks to submit score than writing detailed comment.

    So IMO it would be cool to have both scores and Feedback Friends in the next LD.

    But anyway, thanks everyone who made this LD possible!

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