Highlights I Played (LD 36)

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September 20th, 2016 3:42 pm

Here are some games that I happened to come across this jam that I think are worth a play!


A clever and amusing “hacking” simulator.  Reasonably short, and features a number of fun custom puzzles.

sOS Screenshot

Stone Age Clicker

This is a terribly addicting rate-management sim with glorious pixel art.  If you’re anything like me you won’t stop playing it until you win, and maybe not even then (I played for 3 hours).

Stone Age Clicker screenshot

Contraband Crate

This is a clever and very satisfying quick-play highscore game where you have to pack wildly-shaped artifacts into boxes as quickly and efficiently as possible.  The gameplay is smooth and the art’s not bad, either.

Contraband Crate screenshot

The Last Blacksmith

A play-til-you-die game that looks good and is just a solid experience all around.  Moment-to-moment gameplay is just satisfying.

The Last Blacksmith screenshot


Of course, I also think you should play our game, I am the Destroyer, if you’re a fan of those humorous old-school point-and-click adventures.  But I’m biased.

I am the Destroyer screenshot

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